It’s Your Health: Own It!

Every few years, I ask subscribers of my newsletter to participate in a little competition called the Health Achievement Awards, in which readers write about how Health & Healing has helped them improve their health and well-being.

I can’t tell you how gratifying and humbling it is to know that this newsletter has made such a difference in so many lives. I wish I could share all of these great stories, but since I can’t, here are a few highlights, which I hope will inspire you to try some of these natural therapies—and become a more active participant in your own health care.

Nutritional Supplements Save the Day

Many subscribers credit vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements with helping them overcome a broad range of health challenges, including cataracts, dry eyes, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, menopausal symptoms, shingles, knee pain, COPD, osteoporosis, toenail fungus, and more.

Thelma Page, from North Carolina, developed congestive heart failure from a viral infection, and her ejection fraction dropped to a life-threatening 10 percent. “I took Dr. Whitaker’s advice and began taking coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, magnesium, and other supplements, which strengthened my heart whereas the drugs did not. Twenty-four years later, my heart is healthy and my ejection fraction is a normal 60 percent.”

C.M., from Canada, had severe prostate enlargement that required several rounds of medications, catheterizations, and hospitalizations—until he started taking a nutritional supplement containing saw palmetto, pygeum, and other ingredients for prostate health. That was nine years ago, and he hasn’t had any prostate problems since.

Jana Rhinehart, from Arkansas, was diagnosed with glaucoma and told she would have to use prescription eye drops for the rest of her life. She began taking nutritional supplements and herbal extracts that protect the retina and help reduce pressures in the eyes. When she returned to her doctor several months later, to his astonishment there were no signs of glaucoma.

Rev. Maggie De Vore, from New Mexico, wrote, “About eight months ago I read in your newsletter about a young cyclist who was given magnesium for heart arrhythmias. I started taking magnesium, and I was completely and happily surprised that three weeks was all it took before my skipped heart beats were gone. I have no more symptoms of arrhythmia to this day.”

Distrust of Conventional Medicine

Maggie also voices another grievance many people share. “Sad to say, I have come to not trust the medical profession. I’ve had several bad experiences when I was advised to do a particular procedure. You suggested an alternative in your newsletter—and it proved to be the better choice.”

Bruce Wheeler, Jr, a dentist from California, has a particularly harrowing story. “In 2013, I was fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska when I noticed pain and tightness in my chest. After returning home, I consulted my VA doctor and had a treadmill stress test, which I failed big time. Two cardiologists told me I could have a heart attack at any moment, and I was given several medications and sent by ambulance for an emergency cardiac catheterization.

“In the recovery room, I was told I required immediate open-heart surgery and a four-way bypass. I had heard about the high mortality rate for this surgery at my age, so I refused to consent. The cardiologist called me ‘stupid, dumb, etc.’, but I was forewarned about being stampeded into bypass surgery, and I was determined to find an alternative.

“When I arrived home the next day, I called Dr. Whitaker’s clinic and started treatment with the natural therapies EECP, hyperbaric oxygen, and chelation therapy as well as diet changes and exercise. After my 30th treatment I had another stress test, which I passed with flying colors! I do “mini-fasts” three days a week to control my weight and have lost almost 40 pounds. I feel that the key to successful treatment outcomes is lifestyle change and discipline. The Whitaker Wellness motto is now my motto: Every day in every way I get better and better!”

Lifestyle Changes: Natural Therapies That Can Change Your Life

Lifestyle changes are also important steps on the journey back to health. John O’Connor, from Canada, wrote, “In January 2010, I was living alone, 50 pounds overweight, smoking, not eating healthy, had high blood pressure and high stress at work as a subcontractor, and was hemorrhaging behind both eyes. Then I met my wife, Diane Laflamme-Betteridge, a dedicated reader of Health & Healing since 1994, who, thanks to you, was going to change my life.

“She told me I needed to make a decision to stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and take nutritional supplements. I started immediately on this new lifestyle, following what Dr. Whitaker suggested. After the first 10 months, I no longer had high blood pressure, and with the doctor’s permission, I stopped all medications. I had also suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life and had been given prescription drugs, but this is now also under control.

“It’s now five years since I started on my life change. I’ve lost 35 pounds, and I have been off all medications for three years. I’m in excellent health, and thanks to my wife and Dr. Whitaker I’m still here to advocate for all the knowledge you are sharing with us.”

Pay Attention to Your Health

These and scores of additional success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of nutritional supplements and other natural therapies. Equally important, they’re concrete evidence of the power you as a patient can have not only over your health but also your medical care. You simply have to do what these exceptional folks have done and own it.

Pay as much attention to the maintenance and upkeep of your body as you do your car and your home. Evaluate proposed drugs, surgeries, and medical treatments as diligently as you would a family vacation, new vehicle, or other major purchase. Ask your doctors about alternatives, do your own research, compare risks and benefits, and get second opinions from independent physicians.

In closing, I want to say that it is a pleasure and honor to participate in some small way in these individuals’ quest for optimal health. I hope their inspiring stories will motivate you to take charge of your health as well.

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