Diabetes Success Stories

Ex-Diabetic Gives the Shirt Off His Back

Ron was so enthusiastic about Whitaker Wellness and his newfound health that he had this t-shirt made.

Learn How Kent is Beating Type 2 Diabetes

“I wanted you to know that I recently reached my first major milestone. I am now at 240 pounds—that is 101 pounds less than when I entered into Dr. Whitaker’s program. The real progress is measured in the way I feel. I can get on the floor and play with my daughter and go on long walks without getting winded. Please pass on my gratitude to Dr. Whitaker and his staff for all their help.”

— Update from Kent Moore, Colorado*

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Diabetic Ulcer Healed, Eye Problems Improved

“I am a type 2 diabetic. While at the clinic I received hyperbaric oxygen therapy, EECP, and IV treatments for the diabetic ulcer on my left heel and the retinopathy in my right eye.

“After a three-week stay, my heart function and the circulation in my legs has improved. The ulcer on my right heel, which I have had for 15 months, is almost completely healed. My legs are no longer swollen, and I can walk farther than ever. My eye has improved, and I feel much better overall.

“I am now taking half as much insulin as I was when I arrived here and am planning to get off insulin completely in the future.”

— Haroldine Musch*

I Have Been Able to Eliminate or Reduce Most of My Drugs

“After following the advice of conventional physicians for decades, first for my type 2 diabetes, then arthritis, and more recently a heart arrhythmia, all I had to show for it were more and more prescription drugs. After three weeks at the Whitaker Wellness Program I have been able to eliminate or reduce most of my drugs, and I’ve shown actual improvement in the symptoms of all of these chronic diseases.

“I was originally skeptical about the use of alternative therapies and supplements but the holistic approach of the doctors at Whitaker Wellness has done for me in a few weeks what years of conventional medicine did not. The Whitaker Wellness Institute has opened the door to an active lifestyle again. It is now up to me to go through that door and practice what I have learned.

“I’ve been able to get to the point with my peripheral neuropathy where I can walk longer distances on my own without the use of my walker and the amount of pain that I had been feeling has been considerably reduced even though I’ve cut back on the pain killers that I was using before. I still have to use the walker for going longer distances but I’m hopeful that I will even be able to discontinue that in the future.”

— Gerald Schwartz*

I Take No Prescription Medication for My Diabetes

“I probably had diabetes for 10 years before I was diagnosed. Whenever I had my yearly check-ups, my fasting blood sugars were always within normal limits. Several years earlier, I told my doctor that it hurt when I clapped my hands. He said, “Well, don’t clap.” After months passed, I noticed that my hands were hurting more than ever. My doctor sent me to a neurologist, who sent me to another specialist who diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. The doctor told me four times that I would never improve, that I should avoid stress, keep moving, and try to control my diabetes. He said that there was no treatment for my neuropathy, and that possibly I would be in a wheelchair within one year. I went home very depressed.

“I had been subscribing to Dr. Whitaker’s Health & Healing for about six months. I had stacked the magazines by my chair, but hadn’t read very much. About three days after my diagnosis, one of the papers fell open at my feet to that said, “If you have diabetic neuropathy, this is what you should do.” It said that alpha lipoic acid would help the regeneration of nerves. I immediately went to the health food store, purchased it, and began taking it. Six weeks later, I began to drop things such as my keys, a water glass, etc., but two weeks after that this problem stopped. Also, the pain in my hands and feet stopped. (I was told later that nutritional supplements sometimes take about two months before they start showing a positive response.)

“I returned to my doctor and he noted that coordination was normal in my right and left leg and ankle, and I was no longer dragging my left foot. Pinprick tests showed improvement in my hands and legs. The doctor was astonished. He said they had never had a neuropathy patient improve like I had. He wanted to know what I had been doing, and for twenty minutes we discussed alpha lipoic acid. I believe that without my regimen of alpha lipoic acid (I take 600 mg daily) I would be in a wheelchair or even dead. I continued to improve but was told they had nothing for me, and since I was doing so well, I could just return as needed.

“I felt that since I had a major improvement in my life by reading Health & Healing, I should go to the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, CA, for other health benefits. My doctor there fined-tuned my vitamin and supplement program and recommended EECP, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, chelation, infrared light treatments, and a number of other supplements. Every one of these treatments has helped me. Although I take prescriptions for other health problems, I take no prescription medication for my diabetes, which I control with diet, exercise, and these supplements.

“I believe God helped me by having that magazine fall open at my feet to the page about diabetic neuropathy and alpha lipoic acid, and I am so thankful for Dr. Whitaker and his Health & Healing newsletter. Without his magazine, I believe I would be dead or helpless.”

— William Bellomy*

No More Diabetes Drugs

In 2003, Ken Wright was 63 years old and seriously overweight. He had been diagnosed with diabetes 10 years before, and he suffered with many of the complications of this disease, including diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. He had multiple problems with his legs, thanks to an earlier accident, as well as peripheral vascular disease and severe swelling, and he was unable to walk on his own. He was also plagued with an itchy rash on his legs, arms, and back that he would often scratch so much that he drew blood. He had high blood pressure, asthma and bronchitis, severe arthritis in his neck and knees, and bowel and bladder problems. He was in constant pain, and he slept poorly. He felt hopeless because his doctor had told him there was nothing else he could do for him.

His wife, Mourlene, who is a subscriber, decided to take charge. She called the Whitaker Wellness Institute, and in June 2003 they visited our clinic.

When they got here, Ken was taking 13 different drugs: two for his diabetes, an ACE inhibitor for his hypertension, a very potent diuretic, three inhalers and an oral drug for his lung problems, an antibiotic, a thyroid medication, a topical steroid and another cream for his legs, and 15 or 16 aspirin a day for unrelenting headaches and arthritis pain. No wonder he had so many problems!

Unlike his doctors back home, we were quite confident that we could help Ken, so we got to work. He received IV infusions of glutathione and oxygen treatments, and within three days he was breathing normally and off his inhalers. He underwent a course of acupuncture and reflexology, and his urinary incontinence cleared up after a week. For his knee and neck pain he had prolotherapy injections, and for his diabetes, hypertension, and weight he was placed on a comprehensive nutritional supplement, diet, and exercise program.

The Wrights returned home after two weeks, highly motivated by Ken’s improvements to continue with the program. In Mourlene’s words, “He went from a pessimist to an optimist real fast. He was a different person!”

Over the next few months, Ken’s headaches and neck pain resolved, and he stopped popping aspirin. He started using honey on his legs in place of the prescription steroids and creams, and the itching receded. He also began losing weight. He came back to the clinic in March for a course of EECP and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and his improvements accelerated. The swelling in his feet went down, and the sensation and function in his legs increased by 100 percent.

As of August 2004—one year and two months after his conventional doctor gave up on him—Ken had lost 165 pounds and 20 inches from his waist. His blood pressure is under control. His blood sugar is within normal limits, and he takes no diabetic drugs. His asthma and bronchitis are gone, and he now boasts that he has an “iron bladder.” Ten of the 13 drugs he was on have been discontinued—he only takes a thyroid medication and half-doses of an ACE inhibitor and a diuretic. His vision has improved, and he is driving again. He still has some problems with his legs, but he’s able to walk and work out in a gym, and he feels better than he has in 20 years.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD*

Blood Sugar Down From 435 to 89

In November 2005, Billy Cox from Rosamond, CA, was riddled with serious health problems. He had hypertension and had been on blood pressure medication for 30 years, and his chest pain and shortness of breath had led his cardiologist to recommend bypass surgery. But he decided to come to the Whitaker Wellness Institute instead.

During his three-week stay at our Back to Health Program, we treated his angina and shortness of breath and weaned him off his prescription drugs. We also found that his blood sugar was a dangerously high 435, a clear-cut case of diabetes, and addressed that as well. He began implementing important lifestyle changes such as exercising daily, modifying his diet significantly, and taking targeted nutritional supplements. By the time he left the clinic, his blood sugar readings were down to 89!

To date, Billy has lost 37 pounds and kept it off. He uses his treadmill and takes his supplements daily. He continues to maintain normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels and states, “You folks made my life 100 percent better, and I’ll do anything I can to make other people see the value in your program and decide to turn their lives around as well.”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD*

A Total Life-Changer

“What a total life-changer Dr. Whitaker’s program for diabetes has been for me. My blood sugar went from 315 to 120 within an incredible 24 hours of starting my supplement regimen and it stayed in the 99-112 range. I also lost 30 pounds in three months without really trying. While getting all new clothes was GREAT, the best benefit was no more kidney pain or rapid heartbeat. When my 13- and 15-year-old granddaughters came to visit recently they had a hard time keeping up with ME!

“The results of my latest blood work showed me what I would not believe if I hadn’t seen it and lived it for myself. My glucose reading was 101 and the lab report no longer said “diabetic” like it had a year ago.

“I only pray that more people will at least give this program a try. They will feel so much better and in turn they will tell others they know. Dr. Whitaker, you are truly enriching lives…one diabetic at a time!”

— Nancy*

Amputation Averted

Cecil, who had a decades-long history of diabetes, had a serious diabetic ulcer on his foot. A small blister had progressed to a gaping, gangrenous ulcer, and his doctors back home had amputated all the toes on his right foot in an effort to curb the spreading infection. Two months later, despite intensive, expensive wound care, it still hadn’t healed, and Cecil was looking at a leg amputation.

The thought of total amputation was devastating. Then a friend at church mentioned the Whitaker Wellness Institute, and he came to see us as a last resort. After only four days of treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and sugar dressings, the open, oozing sores on Cecil’s foot began to close. Within a week, he was well on his way to recovery. And today, his wounds are completely healed.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD*

Hypertension and Diabetes Under Control

“I have been using alternative procedures and herbs for over 20 years. I used Dr. Whitaker’s book, Reversing Diabetes, in 2006 to beat my diabetes in less than six months. When my blood pressure was out of control it took over year and half before I finally decided to get help from the Whitaker Wellness Institute’s Back to Health Program.

“The doctors from my insurance company group were unable to find out what was wrong with me, but in less than 10 minutes the doctor at Whitaker Wellness told me it sounded like sleep apnea. On the sleep apnea (CPAP) machine the very first night I slept an unbelievable six hours.

“The quality of care given by the doctors, the Whitaker staff, and the technicians was extraordinary. I saw people come in to the program on walkers all bent over and looking dead come back to life, standing tall, walking proud. It’s unbelievable but I saw these miracles with my own eyes!”

— Donald Grayson*

“The Best Birthday Present”

This approach certainly worked for Elizabeth. When she was first diagnosed with diabetes, her blood sugar was so high (525–normal is less than 100) that the lab questioned whether or not she had been fasting. Her physician back home in Santa Fe practically strong-armed her into starting on a drug right then and there but, after reading about the side effects, she refused. Her dad, uncle, and other family members had diabetes and had been on numerous meds, including insulin, yet still had serious complications, so she knew firsthand that this was not the path to wellness.

Elizabeth was determined to fight diabetes on her own. She tried several diets, but always struggled to stick with them. After a while, the thought of taking a pill and being able to eat whatever she wanted started to sound good. So she sought out another physician, who was more than willing to write a prescription. He also wanted to put her on a blood pressure medication, even though she had low-normal blood pressure, because “most diabetics get hypertension.” That did it. Elizabeth walked out, went home, called Whitaker Wellness, and made an appointment to see us.

When she arrived in April 2010, her diabetes was out of control. (Her blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C were exceptionally high at 300 and 12.8, respectively.) But during her two-week stay at the clinic things began to turn around. She found out that the “healthy” complex carbohydrates she’d been eating weren’t so healthy after all, and she learned how to replace them with lean protein, lots of vegetables, and other low-glycemic carbs. She had several hyperbaric oxygen treatments, which did wonders for the peripheral neuropathy in her feet, as well as other therapies that put an end to 20 years of chronic neck pain.

I ran into Elizabeth recently when she returned for a follow-up visit, and she reported on her progress. “I’ve always exercised, but once you got me on the right supplements and I made the diet changes I learned here at the clinic—which have been surprisingly easy to adhere to—everything started falling into place. Within six months, my A1C and blood sugar were completely normal, and I’ve lost at least 20 pounds. I’m considered to be a non-diabetic at this point, but I know I will always have that tendency, and I’m committed to maintaining control of my health.

“Coming to the Whitaker Wellness Institute was the best thing I have ever done. Last year, I celebrated my 59th birthday at the clinic. Being here was the best birthday present I could have ever given myself.”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD*

Goodbye Cane, Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

“I came to the Back to Health Program because my diabetic neuropathy was so bad that despite taking Lyrica for pain relief, I was miserable. I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night, I was unable to work because I couldn’t sit for more than an hour at a time due to severe leg pain, and my life was steadily going downhill. The last straw was a family vacation to Disney World where my wife had to push me around in a wheelchair. After that, I made up my mind that this had to change.

“My wife and I came to the clinic in March 2010. When I first arrived, I had to use a cane because I was very unsteady on my feet. But after just four days of undergoing enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), hyperbaric oxygen therapy, microcurrent therapy, and receiving intravenous nutrients, I put my cane away—and I haven’t used it again to this day!

“My family and friends cannot believe the difference in me. I can now walk and do things I hadn’t been able to do for three or four years! I bought a microcurrent machine to use at home for pain relief, and I watch my diet because I never want to be in the shape I was before I came to the clinic. Thank you, Dr. Whitaker, and your wonderful staff for all your help.”

— William G. Edwards, LaBelle, FL*

One-Stop Shop for Wellness and Diabetes Treatment

Renowned physician, author, and speaker, Julian Whitaker, MD, opened the doors of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in 1979. Since then, our clinic has helped more than 45,000 patients overcome serious health challenges and get back on the road to healthy living. We’re proud to offer nearly two dozen safe, innovative, healing therapies under one roof—that’s more than any other facility in the northern hemisphere. Just think of us as your “one-stop shop for wellness.”

To learn more about how natural diabetes treatment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute will allow you to control your blood sugar levels safely—without the use of dangerous drugs—and help restore your health and vitality, click on the buttons below to schedule a complimentary consultation or contact us to learn more. You can also schedule your complimentary consultation or obtain more information by calling our Patient Services Representatives at (866) 944-8253.

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