Please be advised that, effective March 30, 2019, I am retiring and closing Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic.

This was not an easy decision. Whitaker Wellness has been my “home” for nearly 40 years, and some of our medical and support staff members have been with us for decades. However, retirement has been looming large, and the timing seems right. 

When Whitaker Wellness opened in 1979, we were one of the first alternative medicine clinics, and over the years we adopted therapies that few others were offering. Today, the type of medicine Whitaker Wellness helped pioneer is no longer a rarity, and therapies such as IV vitamins, EECP, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and stem cell therapy are available elsewhere. Looking back, I can only say that being a part of the blossoming of integrative medicine has been exciting and gratifying.

Whitaker Wellness has had the privilege of participating in the health care of tens of thousands of patients over the years. I am particularly grateful to them and their patronage, loyalty, and confidence in us. 

Best wishes for your health and happiness,

Julian Whitaker, MD 

P.S. I will continue to write my newsletter Health & Healing as well as blogs posted on drwhitaker.com. Hope you will stay in touch!



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