Vitamin Store

Welcome to the Vitamin Store at Whitaker Wellness

It has been a couple of months since my retirement and the closing of Whitaker Wellness Medical Clinic. Although we are no longer treating patients, I want to make sure you know that our Vitamin Store is still open.

Many of the high-quality nutritional supplements your doctor ordered and we currently sell at the Whitaker Wellness Vitamin Store can be purchased only through medical professionals. We are keeping the store open to ensure your ongoing access to the nutritional formulas you depend on for optimal health.

We have moved to a new location: 4251 Martingale Way, Suite E, Newport Beach, CA, 92660.  We hope you will drop by. We miss you, and Dale and Dayna will be happy to help.

You can also call 800-810-6655 to place your order.

To your health,

Julian Whitaker, MD

P.S. Call or visit us to learn about our grand opening specials. 

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