Weight Control Success Stories

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I Feel Great In My Own Skin Again

“I’ve lost 36 pounds and three dress sizes as a result of the mini-fast diet—a diet used by many of the Back to Health Program patients at Whitaker Wellness. I consider myself something of a diet expert, since I’ve tried so many. But this is the first one I can actually see myself staying on for the rest of my life. For the first time, I’m in control of my weight.”
– Mary Olsen*

Ken Lost 165 Pounds and 20 Inches

In 2003, Ken Wright was 63 years old and seriously overweight. He had been diagnosed with diabetes 10 years before, and he suffered with many of the complications of this disease, including diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. He had multiple problems with his legs, thanks to an earlier accident, as well as peripheral vascular disease and severe swelling, and he was unable to walk on his own. He was also plagued with an itchy rash on his legs, arms, and back that he would often scratch so much that he drew blood. He had high blood pressure, asthma and bronchitis, severe arthritis in his neck and knees, and bowel and bladder problems. He was in constant pain, and he slept poorly. He felt hopeless because his doctor had told him there was nothing else he could do for him.

His wife, Mourlene, who is a subscriber, decided to take charge. She called the Whitaker Wellness Institute, and in June 2003 they visited our clinic.

When they got here, Ken was taking 13 different drugs: two for his diabetes, an ACE inhibitor for his hypertension, a very potent diuretic, three inhalers and an oral drug for his lung problems, an antibiotic, a thyroid medication, a topical steroid and another cream for his legs, and 15 or 16 aspirin a day for unrelenting headaches and arthritis pain. No wonder he had so many problems!

Unlike his doctors back home, we were quite confident that we could help Ken, so we got to work. He received IV infusions of glutathione and oxygen treatments, and within three days he was breathing normally and off his inhalers. He underwent a course of acupuncture and reflexology, and his urinary incontinence cleared up after a week. For his knee and neck pain he had prolotherapy injections, and for his diabetes, hypertension, and weight he was placed on a comprehensive nutritional supplement, diet, and exercise program.

The Wrights returned home after two weeks, highly motivated by Ken’s improvements to continue with the program. In Mourlene’s words, “He went from a pessimist to an optimist real fast. He was a different person!”

Over the next few months, Ken’s headaches and neck pain resolved, and he stopped popping aspirin. He started using honey on his legs in place of the prescription steroids and creams, and the itching receded. He also began losing weight. He came back to the clinic in March for a course of EECP and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and his improvements accelerated. The swelling in his feet went down, and the sensation and function in his legs increased by 100 percent.

As of August 2004—one year and two months after his conventional doctor gave up on him—Ken had lost 165 pounds and 20 inches from his waist. His blood pressure is under control. His blood sugar is within normal limits, and he takes no diabetic drugs. His asthma and bronchitis are gone, and he now boasts that he has an “iron bladder.” Ten of the 13 drugs he was on have been discontinued—he only takes a thyroid medication and half-doses of an ACE inhibitor and a diuretic. His vision has improved, and he is driving again. He still has some problems with his legs, but he’s able to walk and work out in a gym, and he feels better than he has in 20 years.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

From a Size 12 to a Size 6

“Someone just told me how great I looked (that is the second person today), so I wanted to share my experience with you.

“Last summer I purchased a copy of Dr. Whitaker’s book Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks. It took me more like six months to actually see some very significant results. I lost 25 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6. My skin looks great and I feel wonderful. I have been exercising, eating organic foods, and taking my supplements and everyday someone tells me how good I look. I found that each chapter took me 2-3 weeks to implement fully before I felt comfortable moving on to the next ‘step.’

“I have since purchased four or five more copies of this wonderful book for my sisters and close friends. Another friend at work went out and purchased a copy as well. I carry a copy of the suggested supplements list with me at all times and have shared it with dozens of friends. I did not have any significant health issues, just gaining weight as my body slowed down. I have been able to recover from nasty colds that went around my office quite a bit quicker than my coworkers and faster than last year’s round of colds. Thanks so much for writing such a positive, good-sense book. It really is working for me.

“And by the way, my husband jumped on the bandwagon last November and has lost 30 pounds and several sizes with just the diet and exercise. This was a real accomplishment. He actually stopped eating red meat and bad carbohydrates (white rice, potatoes, pasta)! He has reduced his cholesterol and blood sugar through diet and exercise alone. He too is looking and feeling great. He has several health issues that have greatly improved due to the good advice in the Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks book.

“Thanks again for the wonderful words of wisdom.”

— Anna Bernard*

Feeling Great, Unbelievable Weight Loss

“I just received the medical summary of my visit to the Whitaker Wellness Institute last December. It is interesting for me to look at the 11 primary diagnoses and give you a report of my health eight weeks after attending the clinic. First, hypertension, I have not taken my blood pressure since I left but I feel calm and content. Second, insomnia, I can sleep every night beautifully without waking up until 7am. Third, constipation, I am very regular and doing great. Forth, bilateral upper leg weakness, it is almost completely gone. I workout everyday and can walk 98 percent normal without any pain at all.

“All in all I feel great. I do not get tired and have a lot of energy. My weight is down to 140 lbs. and hopefully by the time we return home to Canada for the summer I’ll be down to 130 lbs. We went on a 10 day cruise and I lost 1 lb. That is unbelievable!

“I will keep up with the recommended supplements and diet and will see my family doctor when I get back home.”

— Valeria Kuettel*

“You Look So Much Healthier”

“We spent three weeks at the Whitaker Wellness Institute in June 2003. All of the things we learned while there we adopted into our lifestyle. We take Forward Plus everyday. The nutritionist really helped our eating habits. My wife and I have both lost weight and kept it off. I have cut my blood pressure medication by half.

“Our greatest joy is seeing our friends and relatives reactions, especially people we haven’t seen for a year or so. Their comments range from ‘You look so much healthier!’ to ‘Have you had plastic surgery?!'”

— Jack Minchey, Eatonton, Georgia*

From 340 to 190 Pounds

At age 39, Mark tipped the scales at 340 pounds. He also had angina, and when the pain became too much, he came to the clinic—where he finally got the motivation and inspiration to make lifestyle changes. It took a couple of years, but Mark stuck with the program and has maintained an average weight of 190 for more than seven years. His angina is long gone, and he has never felt better.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Here Comes the Bride

Despite exercising on a regular basis, I was a little on the heavy side. Recently, my fiancé proposed—and let me tell you, nothing motivates a girl to lose weight like an impending wedding. My diet needed some serious attention so I made a commitment to cut out starches and sugars. It wasn’t easy at first, but you know what? The pounds started falling off. Now, eating like this is second nature. It’s been four months and I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’d like to drop another 10, and with this program, I know I can.

— S.S. Los Angeles, California*

Heart Health Returns

R.J.F., an incredibly young-looking 65-year-old, lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for three years by eating a “commonsense” diet and walking two miles a day. He also saw his heart, which was in mid-stage heart failure, return to normal.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Thyroid and TLC

After participating in the Whitaker Wellness Institute’s therapeutic lifestyle changes program, Judy lost 70 pounds over two years by following a “sensible” diet, walking four miles a day, and taking natural thyroid replacement. She reports improvements in joint pain, hair loss, mood, and digestion.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

No More Fast Food

Ryan, 22, lost 60 pounds over two and a half years by cutting out fast food and desserts. Friends from high school hardly recognize him.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Focus on Portion Sizes

Arthur lost 30 pounds over the course of 18 months by cutting down his portions and walking regularly.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Minus 185 Pounds

Twelve years ago, James of Milwaukee, WI, weighed 327 pounds. He drank too much, was completely inactive, developed diabetes, and had to take medication to control it. Then he started reading Health & Healing and decided to make some changes in his life. He gave up booze, began exercising, changed his eating habits, and started taking nutritional supplements. Today James weighs 185 pounds, and his diabetes is under control without medication.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

30 Pounds in Three Months Without Really Trying

What a total life-changer Dr. Whitaker’s program for diabetes has been for me. My blood sugar has gone from 315 to 120, and I lost 30 pounds in three months without really trying. While getting all new clothes was GREAT, the best benefit was no more kidney pain or rapid heartbeat. When my 13- and 15-year-old granddaughters came to visit recently they had a hard time keeping up with ME! I only pray that more people will at least give this program a try. They will feel so much better and in turn they will tell others they know.

— Nancy* 

Lost 80 Pounds

“I am happy to say I have finally lost the last 10 pounds I needed to lose. I have lost a total of 80 pounds altogether and my stay at the Whitaker Wellness Institute helped me to finally quit my sugar habit. Slowly but surely I have given up many of my bad eating habits, and with the help of the clinic I have been given the tools I need to eat healthy for the rest of my life. I know now I can maintain my weight loss once and for all! I feel like a new person, healthy, vital and energetic. I have the fine health professionals at the Whitaker Wellness Institute to thank for my improvements. As an added bonus I had hormone replacement therapy which helped me feel younger and has given me an additional sense of well-being.”

— Debi Tepper*

I Have No Doubt I Will Reach My Weight Loss Goal

“I started on the mini-fast with exercise that you recommended (only a cup of coffee instead of breakfast and no food until lunch). When I began, my weight was 265. Now, less than three months later, my weight is 248—a drop of 17 pounds–and I am keeping it off without a struggle, just with a commitment to follow this simple regimen. My appetite is reduced, I rarely even want anything before lunch, and I eat less for lunch and dinner as well. I have no doubt I will reach my weight loss goal within several months. Thank you for showing me the way to manage my metabolic syndrome.”

— H.N., Atlanta, GA*

Terrific Results

“I’ve tried your ‘mini-fast’ program for almost seven months now with terrific results! I’ve reduced my weight from 210 to 196, mostly around the middle, and agree that it has been easily implemented, simple, logical, and inexpensive. I have always had a regular physical routine and eaten a well-balanced diet so the only difference was eliminating breakfast.”

— Harry W. 

Clinical Results of the Mini-Fast With Exercise Program

Brian lost 31 pounds in eight weeks and is still going strong 16 weeks later. T.W. went from a size 16 to a size 12 in three months. Her clothes no longer fit, but she’s reluctant to buy new ones because she has no doubt she will lose more as she continues with the program. Jack, who was 80 pounds over his fighting weight, lost 29 pounds and nearly five inches off his waist. His wife shed 10 pounds, and her blood pressure fell into the normal range. Susan said goodbye to nine of the final 10 pounds she hadn’t been able to shake and reports she’s finally gotten rid of her “belly.” And J.G. not only lost significant weight, but his hemoglobin A1C, a marker of blood sugar control, declined.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

“My Clothes Are Fitting Better Than Ever”

I’ve been on Weight Watchers for years, but I could never lose those last few pounds of fat. I’ve been on the TLC program for nine weeks now and not only have I lost the unwanted blubber, I’ve built up muscle, too. My fat/muscle ratio is very close to what it should be. I used to carry all my excess fat in my stomach, but now my clothes are fitting better than ever and I feel great. This is a lifestyle commitment, and I’m really good most of the time. But even when I went on vacation and was a little sloppy, I only put on a pound or two that came right back off after I got back on the program. I look and feel better than I have in years.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD  

“Eat to Live Rather Than Live to Eat”

When John, from Dallas, Texas, first came to the clinic, he was taking six prescription drugs, including Lipitor, and he weighed 235 pounds. Due to advice he’d read in my newsletter, John was taking a few essential vitamins and minerals, which, in his own words, “were the only thing keeping me alive.” John’s Whitaker Wellness physician stressed the importance of giving up his long smoking habit, going easy on alcohol, and losing weight. Unfortunately, his initial visit had to be cut short, but he took with him the main staples of the Whitaker Back to Health Program and put them into effect at home.

John returned to the clinic in a few months later, and his weight was down to 204. When I asked him how he managed to lose 30 pounds, he said, “We talked, I went home and put your suggestions into effect. The exercise and food changes worked and the weight just started melting off.”

Today, John exercises regularly—stretching, weight lifting, walking, and hiking. He continues to follow the dietary portion of the program. And he no longer takes prescription medications.

John readily shares that the hardest part of sticking to his guns is not cheating on the “diet.” For him, the actual amount of weight he loses isn’t important. He figures as long as he’s healthy, “I’m not going to worry about the weight. I think my body will stop [dropping pounds] when it’s ready.” More important, he now follows the following philosophy; “Eat to live rather than live to eat.” Like many others, John came to the realization that it all came down to personal responsibility. “It was up to me to make the change.”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Lost 25 Pounds—and No Longer Has Diabetes or Chronic Pain

“When I first came to Whitaker Wellness, I was overweight, I had uncontrolled diabetes (my hemoglobin A1c was 12.8!), and I’d had neck pain for years. My doctor started me on therapies for my diabetes, including hyperbaric oxygen, which really helped the neuropathy in my feet.

“He also recommended the mini-fast with exercise (skip breakfast—or, as Dr. Whitaker says, have breakfast at noon—exercise in the morning, and eat sensibly the rest of the day). My first thought was no way, since I had always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, I agreed to give it a try. Now I’m the mini-fast’s biggest fan. Although I could never stick with other programs like the South Beach diet, I lost 20 pounds in the first few months and, more important, my A1c and blood sugar normalized. I no longer have diabetes!

“Although I would like to lose more weight, I eventually hit a plateau. Fortunately, my Whitaker Wellness doctor discovered why. I have a thyroid disorder that does not show up on the usual tests or respond to the usual treatment. Now that this is being treated, I’m convinced I’ll reach my weight loss goals.

“I’m also thrilled that my neck pain, which I had for 20 years, resolved with the chiropractic, acupuncture, prolotherapy, and high-intensity laser treatments I received at the clinic. I’m proud to say that I recently became an advanced certified Gyrotonic trainer, something I’ve wanted to do for years but couldn’t because of the pain.”

— Elizabeth Billups, New Mexico*

Healthier, Livelier, and Much More Energetic

“When I first went to Dr. Whitaker’s clinic, I was in awful shape. I had put on a lot of weight—as much as 20 pounds a year—and developed several health problems, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, back pain, and three episodes of deep vein thrombosis. My blood pressure was high, despite being on two drugs. My sleep was terrible, and I was so tired I could barely drag myself around. I was very heavy—over 300 pounds—but I couldn’t exercise because I had chest pain and shortness of breath with any activity.

“At my last visit, my weight was down to 249, I’d lost 10 inches around the waist, my blood pressure was normal at 126/62, and my diabetes was under control. I have to admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon a couple of times and regained weight I had lost. That’s one reason why I return to the clinic periodically. I seem to need a refresher course to stay on track—plus, my doctor and the wonderful people at Whitaker Wellness make me feel at home.

“This time, I am determined to stay the course. I am on the mini-fast program, I exercise almost every day, and because I live alone and am not much of a cook, I order healthy meals delivered to my home. My doctor at the clinic also got my thyroid and testosterone balanced and put me on a lot of nutritional supplements, which help a lot.

“I now feel healthier, livelier, and much more energetic. The chest pain and breathing difficulties I had are history, and the sciatic pain in my hip and back are also improved, thanks to prolotherapy and the weight loss. On a scale of 1 to 10, I used to be a 2. Now, I’m a 7—and rising.”

— John Sorci, San Jose, CA*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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