Supplement Solutions for 10 Common Health Concerns

Since I opened the doors of Whitaker Wellness in 1979, I’ve been fine-tuning my treatment protocols for a variety of common health concerns. And after nearly 40 years and treating some 50,000 patients who have come to the clinic seeking help for a variety of medical problems, I have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn’t.

The Whitaker Wellness approach is unique in that we use prescription medications only as a last resort. Unlike conventional doctors, our go-to therapies are nutrition, regular exercise, noninvasive therapies for specific conditions (such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), and infrared light therapy, and of course nutritional supplements. The basic program for everyone includes a potent daily multivitamin, and targeted supplements are added, depending on the condition.

To make things easy for everyone, I’ve compiled a simple, at-a-glance list of supplements and other therapies for many of our top health challenges.

Doses listed are for daily consumption and should be taken in divided doses with meals unless otherwise noted.

Common Health Concern #1: Blood Pressure Support

Keeping your blood pressure in check is essential for cardiovascular health. The following supplements can help.

*Balance3 2–4 tablets (taken at bedtime if drowsiness occurs)
*Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) 200–300 mg
*Magnesium 500-1,000 mg
*Potassium nitrate 600 mg
*Reishi mushroom 1,200 mg
*Beet juice 1-2 cups fresh or dehydrated
*Low-Sodium V8 Juice 8–12 ounces

Common Health Concern #2: Blood Sugar Support

Whitaker Wellness is renowned for its success in treating patients with type 2 diabetes. Our treatment protocols include a serious focus on nutrition and exercise as well as nutritional supplements and noninvasive therapies to manage blood sugar and reduce risk and severity of diabetic complications. These include:

*Berberine 1,500 mg
*Vanadyl sulfate 100 mg
*Alpha lipoic acid 600–1,200 mg (higher dose for extra support)
*Chromium 400 mcg
*Cinnamon 1,000–2,000 mg
*Benfotiamine 150–450 mg

Common Health Concern #3: Cardiovascular Health

A robust cardiovascular system certainly helps keep you in the pink. Add these heart-healthy supplements to your regimen if you need additional cardiovascular support.

*CoQ10 200–300 mg
*Fish oil 1,000-2,000 EPA/DHA
*B-complex vitamins: B6 75–125 mg, B12 150–2,000 mcg, folic acid 800–6,000 mcg
*L-carnitine 1,000 mg
*Magnesium 500–1,000 mg

Common Health Concern #4: Cholesterol Support

Conventional physicians prescribe dangerous cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to try to get cholesterol into the targeted range. But there are safe, effective supplements that can help you control cholesterol naturally—without side effects.

*Flaxseed ¼ cup, freshly ground
*Niacin 500–2,000 mg
*Plant sterols 1,500–2,000 mg
*Red yeast rice 1,200–2,400 mg (take with 100–200 mg of CoQ10)
*Bergamot 500-1,000 mg
*Berberine 1,000-1,5000 mg

Common Health Concern #5: Digestive Health

Gastrointestinal problems: no one wants to talk about them, yet we all experience indigestion, gas, bloating, and other digestive woes from time to time. Here are a few essential supplements for digestive health.

*Digestive enzymes (with meals as directed, for gas and bloating)
*Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) 1 tablet chewed before meals (for heartburn/indigestion)
*Probiotics (as directed, for overall digestive health)
*Flaxseed ¼ cup, freshly ground (for regularity)

Common Health Concern #6: Fatigue/Low Energy

Ever feel like your get up and go has got up and gone? Try these supplements—but don’t overlook sleep apnea and thyroid and other hormone imbalances as possible culprits.

*Vitamin B12 150-400 mcg (up to 5,000 mcg to correct deficiencies)
*Coenzyme Q10 100-200 mg
*L-carnitine 2,000 mg
*Nicotinamide riboside 500 mg
*Magnesium 500–1,000 mg
*Vitamin D 2,000–5,000 IU
*Caffeine (in coffee, tea, as tolerated)

Common Health Concern #7: Mood Support

Everyone experiences “the blues” from time to time but if you constantly find yourself down in the dumps, you could be dealing with depression. The following solutions have helped boost mood in countless patients—and they may well help you too.

*Fish oil 1,000-2,000 mg EPA/DHA
*Vitamin D 2,000-5,000 IU (or to optimal blood level)
*S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe) 400–800 mg (between meals)
*5-HTP 50–100 mg (at bedtime)
*St. John’s wort 600–900 mg (check for drug interactions)
*Dilantin 100–200 mg (requires a prescription)

Common Health Concern #8: Pain

Acute and chronic pain rank up there as top reasons people visit the doctor. Rather than taking painkilling drugs, which have a boatload of adverse effects, try these natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers.

*Curcumin 1,500–2,000 mg, or Meriva curcumin phytosome 500–1,000 mg
*Fish oil 1,000-2,000 mg EPA/DHA
*Boswellia (ApresFlex) 100 mg
*DMSO (topical)
*OxyRub (topical)

Common Health Concern #9: Allergies and Respiratory Health

Most people take breathing freely for granted—unless they have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory concerns. The good news is the following drug-free allergy treatments can help.

*Fish oil 1,000-2,000 mg EPA/DHA
*N-acetyl cysteine 300–600 mg
*Quercetin 250–500 mg
*Stinging nettles 200–500 mg
*Magnesium 500–1,000 mg
*Saline nasal spray or rinses/neti pot 

Common Health Concern #10: Arthritis

Arthritis is the number-one cause of pain and disability in our country, affecting some 52 million
American adults. Addressing pain may be the first order of business, but for enduring relief, the underlying problem of cartilage degeneration must also be addressed. These supplements may help.

*Glucosamine sulfate 1,500 mg–3,000 mg
*Undenatured type II collagen (UC-II) 40 mg
*Fish oil 2,000-3,000 mg EPA/DHA
*Curcumin (Meriva) 500-1,000 mg
*Boswellia (ApresFlex) 100 mg 

Even More Common Health Concerns…

 Check out our website to learn more about Whitaker Wellness’s safe, natural approaches to treating—even reversing—other common health challenges. You can also call (866) 944-8253 or fill out this form for a complimentary consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Services Representatives.

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