What is EECP?

Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a nonsurgical therapy with incredible benefits for the cardiovascular system. Developed at Harvard University more than 50 years ago, EECP is sometimes referred to as a “natural bypass” because it stimulates the formation of collateral circulation, or new blood vessels around clogged arteries. As a result, it effectively reduces angina and shortness of breath and improves exercise tolerance in patients with heart disease or heart failure. It also enhances arterial health and boosts circulation to organs and tissues throughout the body. Therefore, EECP is also extremely beneficial for patients with high blood pressure, neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetic complications, and a multitude of other conditions. EECP is safe and has no side effects. It is done on an outpatient basis and requires no post-treatment recovery period. During a typical session, you lie on a bed wearing a series of adjustable cuffs around your calves, lower thighs, and upper thighs. As the cuffs are inflated in sequence, blood is pushed up from the lower limbs toward the heart. Then, just before the heart pumps, the cuffs deflate, reducing resistance and decreasing the heart’s workload. Each treatment lasts about an hour, during which you can read, listen to music, or simply relax. A full treatment regimen consists of 35 sessions, undertaken once or twice a day over the course of a few weeks. Therefore, most patients undergoing this therapy enroll in our Back to Health Program.

How EECP Can Help You

EECP is a superior treatment for any condition in which poor circulation and impaired arterial function play a role. It’s best studied as a therapy for angina. Studies conducted at leading university medical centers have shown that patients who undergo a course of EECP have fewer and less intense episodes of angina, require less anti-angina medication, can walk farther without experiencing chest pain, and are able to resume work and social activities. Many patients suffering with heart disease come to the Whitaker Wellness Institute for a second opinion after being recommended to have angioplasty or bypass. In many cases, EECP plus the other innovative therapies offered at the clinic, such as hyperbaric oxygenchelation, nutritional interventions, and lifestyle changes, have allowed them to avoid angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery. In far less time—and at far less expense—than it would take to recover from bypass, patients can complete a full course of EECP and begin enjoying an active, pain-free life. Others undergo EECP after having a heart attack or enduring one or even several invasive heart procedures. For some, who’ve been told they are no longer surgical candidates, EECP is their only option. Yet this noninvasive therapy is so safe and effective that it should be considered as a first-line treatment for angina, rather than a last resort after surgery has been ruled out. EECP works synergistically with the other innovative therapies and nutritional supplement protocols your Whitaker Wellness physician will prescribe for you. In addition to avoiding invasive procedures, many of our patients have been able to reduce or eliminate their reliance on prescription drugs after undergoing these treatments.

What Conditions Benefit From EECP?

Virtually any condition in which poor circulation is a contributing factor can benefit from EECP, such as:

  • Angina
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Coronary artery blockages
  • Diabetic neuropathy and other complications
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Kidney disease
  • Memory disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Vision problems

One-Stop Shop for Wellness

Renowned physician, author, and speaker, Julian Whitaker, MD, opened the doors of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in 1979. Since then, our clinic has helped more than 45,000 patients overcome serious health challenges and get back on the road to healthy living. We’re proud to offer nearly two dozen safe, innovative, healing therapies under one roof—that’s more than any other facility in the northern hemisphere. Just think of us as your “one-stop shop for wellness.” To get started and find out how receiving EECP at the Whitaker Wellness Institute can safely and naturally treat a variety of cardiovascular disorders and help restore your health and vitality, click on the buttons below to schedule a complimentary consultation or contact us to learn more. You can also schedule your complimentary consultation or obtain more information by calling our Patient Services Representatives at (866) 944-8253.


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