What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that focuses on the brain and central nervous system. Like other forms of biofeedback, it enables patients to change physiological activity—in this case, brainwaves—in order to enhance health and well-being. It uses electroencephalography (EEG, a common tool in neurology) to “feed back” information to the brain.

During a typical treatment session at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, electrodes that monitor the brain’s electrical impulses and transmit them to a computer are applied to your scalp. Then you simply sit back and watch a program on the computer screen. If you’re focused and relaxed, you’ll enjoy the images and sounds on the computer. When your attention wanders or you become anxious, however, the pictures and sounds fade in and out until your brain gets back on track. Sessions last about half an hour and are repeated as needed, usually half a dozen to 20 times, or as long as it takes for patients to normalize brainwaves on their own. This is one of the reasons we suggest that people interested in receiving a course of neurofeedback enroll in our Back to Health Program.

Neurofeedback has been shown in hundreds of clinical studies to be an effective therapy for anxietydepressioninsomnia, addiction, and numerous other cognitive, emotional, and neurological conditions. And because patients are learning—on a more or less subconscious level—to make desired changes such as slowing down or speeding up brainwaves, improvements endure long after the treatment course is completed.

How Neurofeedback Can Help You

Neurofeedback therapy at the Whitaker Wellness Institute begins with a quantitative EEG that “maps” the electrical activity in the brain. It identifies patterns that are likely causing symptoms and allows our technician to personalize your treatment protocol.

We also use brain entrainment during neurofeedback sessions. Patients wear special glasses that employ blinking lights to guide the brain toward specific wavelengths. The end result is an enduring sense of profound calmness and well-being similar to meditation or deep relaxation.

Our physicians initially prescribed neurofeedback for ADHD, autism, and the most severe emotional and cognitive disorders. However, we had such glowing responses from patients who had been treated that we began using it for insomnia, poor concentration, and mood swings. Neurofeedback works hand-in-hand with the other innovative therapies offered at Whitaker Wellness allowing patients to reduce or eliminate their reliance on prescription drugs and get back on the road to health.

Thanks to its remarkable benefits for several common and bothersome conditions, neurofeedback has become one of the most popular therapies we offer at the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

What Conditions Benefit?

At the Whitaker Wellness Institute, we use neurofeedback to treat a variety of diverse conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • Anger outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Cognitive problems
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Impulsivity
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Tinnitus

Our Patient Success Stories

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*Individual results may vary.

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One-Stop Shop for Wellness

Renowned physician, author, and speaker, Julian Whitaker, MD, opened the doors of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in 1979. Since then, our clinic has helped more than 45,000 patients overcome serious health challenges and get back on the road to healthy living. We’re proud to offer nearly two dozen safe, innovative, healing therapies under one roof—that’s more than any other facility in the northern hemisphere. Just think of us as your “one-stop shop for wellness.”

To get started and find out how receiving neurofeedback therapy at the Whitaker Wellness Institute can help relieve insomnia, anxiety, addiction, and many other health concerns, click on the buttons below to schedule a complimentary consultation or contact us to learn more. You can also schedule your complimentary consultation or obtain more information by calling our Patient Services Representatives at (866) 944-8253.


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