Respiratory Problems Success Stories


Control Asthma Naturally

Tammy was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two years, when she was rushed to the emergency room in a desperate struggle to breathe. For the next 15 years, she was constantly on medications and inhalers, and had periodic asthma attacks that terrified her entire family. Things got so bad in high school that Tammy would break into a cold sweat if she discovered she had left home without her inhaler.

After a particularly severe attack at the age of 17, Tammy came to see me. She was given a series of intravenous magnesium infusions and a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral program, including injections of magnesium and vitamin B-12, and showed rapid improvement. She went from using her inhaler at least twice a day to only once or twice a month, and has lasted up to three months without using it at all.

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Overcoming COPD

When Reba first came to the Whitaker Wellness Institute in June, she was breathing like a fish out of water. Wheelchair-bound, with ashen skin and a tube in her nose hooked up to a tank of oxygen, it was obvious that she was in respiratory distress.

The therapy that helped Reba is inhaled glutathione. After Reba’s first treatment, she could breathe a little better and her coloring improved. The next day she reported that she had the best sleep she’d had in years. Her clinical course over the intervening months was nothing short of remarkable.

She came in on 10 prescription drugs. Now she’s only taking a thyroid medication (her thyroid was removed years ago) and a much-reduced dose of one blood pressure medication. Her initial pulse oximetry, which measures the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood that is saturated with oxygen, was 89 percent (it should never be below 95 percent). After two weeks of treatment it was 97 percent. Initially she couldn’t exhale with enough force to even register on tests of lung function. Today, she has only moderate obstruction. Both Reba and her husband feel that her progress has been “simply marvelous.”

She’s much more alert than before, and the anxiety that understandably affects many patients with COPD (imagine having to fight for every breath) has dramatically improved. She’s gradually spending more and more time out of her wheelchair. And all this without the drugs that her conventional doctors told her were “keeping her alive.”

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Allergies Be Gone!

Stacey suffers from chronic allergies. Over the years, she had tried nearly every over-the-counter therapy available, with dismal results. Antihistamines made her drowsy during the day, but woke her up at night. The decongestant Sudafed left her feeling jittery and sometimes caused disturbing palpitations. When she came to see me, she had resigned herself to taking the prescription drug Allegra every day, as it was the only thing she had found to manage her chronic symptoms without completely incapacitating her with side effects.

Although Stacey was skeptical, I convinced her to try a preparation of quercetin, stinging nettle, and bromelain. Stacey waited until she was already congested and itchy before she took her first capsule. Within 45 minutes, her nose was clear, and she felt so good that she forgot about her allergies for the rest of the day. When her symptoms returned in the evening, she took one more capsule, and that took care of her symptoms untill the next morning. One week later, Stacey’s allergies were well under control. She was thrilled to no longer have to fill her Allegra prescription and relieved to be taking something natural.

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

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