PRP Success Stories

Avoided Knee Replacement 

“After getting PRP at Whitaker Wellness, the pain in my right knee is 100 percent better. My left knee, which was so bad that I was ready for a knee replacement, is 80 percent better. PRP also helped my shoulder. I could barely lift my arm before but now I can even reach behind to hook my bra.” 

— A.H., California 

So Long, Shoulder Pain 

“For the last couple of years my shoulder pain had been getting worse and worse. I talked to my doctor at Whitaker Wellness and she mentioned PRP, so I decided to give it a shot. It was painful for the first couple of days, but a week after my treatment, my shoulder was about 50 percent better. Two weeks later, it was almost 75 percent better. 

“I used to work out at the gym a lot, as well as do construction work, but I couldn’t do these things before I had PRP. Within three to four weeks, I was back in the gym, and as of right now, my shoulder is 95 percent better than it was before treatment. It’s pretty exciting to be able to work out and to have no restrictions in my day-to-day activities.”

— Chris Campbell, California

“I’m Twenty Years Old Again”

I had tripped twice during the past five years – once while exercising, which damaged my right knee, and once while walking, which damaged my left shoulder.  Both areas were in pain, particularly my left shoulder, which made it difficult to put on or take off my shirt.  I finally tried a steroid shot, which only helped for a couple of months.  When I realized that the Whitaker Wellness Institute offered a Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, I immediately agreed to it.  My doctor at Whitaker Wellness handled it perfectly.  Within two days of the simple treatment, all pain was entirely gone, and it has remained that way.  As far as my joints are concerned, I’m twenty years old again.

— Barry C., Ohio*

“PRP Is Amazing”

Christine Sherman from Austin, Texas, has a long history of chronic neck and back pain. The back pain was unpleasant, but the pain in her neck, caused by a herniated disc, was “excruciating and debilitating.” It spread into her left shoulder and arm, interfered with the use of her left arm, and kept her up at night. When cortisol injections, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and other therapies provided little relief, her physician recommended surgery. However, previous surgery on her lower back had not gone well—she had an adverse reaction to anesthesia—and Christine was understandably reluctant to go through that again. So she came to Whitaker Wellness.

Because Christine’s problems involved several areas of her spine, she received multiple PRP injections. At first, she had her doubts about PRP. She had to travel shortly after being treated, and prolonged sitting and overexertion caused some discomfort. A couple of weeks later, however, she began to notice improvements, and today, five weeks post-treatment, Christine is a believer. “I am so grateful to have found PRP. The pain is almost gone, I now have full use of my left arm, and I had forgotten how wonderful it is to get a good night’s sleep—my energy and vitality are back. PRP is amazing!”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Stairs No Longer a Challenge

Ed Slaska, a patient from New Jersey, has pain in his knees that he attributes to “old joints.” He had been treated with prolotherapy with good results, but after several months, his symptoms returned. When his doctor suggested PRP at his most recent visit, he decided to give it a try. A week after treatment, his knee was 95 percent better, and he is now going up and down stairs without difficulty.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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