Parkinson’s Disease Success Stories

Jumping Around Like a Teenager

When 75-year-old Georgia F. of Bixby, Oklahoma, made arrangements to come to the Whitaker Wellness Institute, she wasn’t even sure she could make the trip. Suffering with Parkinson’s disease, Georgia had a hard enough time getting around the house, let alone the country. Her legs were weak, her left foot was partially numb, and she experienced significant hand tremors. To make matters worse, she had recently begun having panic attacks.

But she did come, and we immediately started her on a series of intravenous (IV) glutathione treatments. Glutathione, the body’s premier antioxidant, is significantly diminished in Parkinson’s patients, and IV supplementation can dramatically slow the progression of the disease.

Forty-eight hours after her first treatment, Georgia felt much better. Her leg weakness resolved. Her gait was steadier. Sensation returned to her foot. Her tremor improved. Her anxiety dwindled. And for the first time in a long while, Georgia said, she “slept like a baby.” She and her husband Howard were thrilled with her progress, and when they returned home Georgia convinced her local neurologist to continue her glutathione therapy.

So how is Georgia feeling now? Well, Howard says she’s “jumping around like a teenage girl.” And although she insists her husband is wildly exaggerating, Georgia is happy to report that her mood is improved, she has renewed energy, and she gets herself around the house all right. In fact, she and Howard threw a party for their great-grandson’s birthday in March, and she helped with all the cooking and preparations. A year ago, she says, that would have been unthinkable.

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Jean Has Benefited Greatly From Your Treatments

Jean and I would like to give a special “thank you” for all the wonderful help and compassionate consideration you provided her during our stay at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. She has Parkinson’s disease and has benefited greatly from your treatments, particularly the intravenous glutathione.

Her walk improved from a shuffle to a good heel to toe stride, and the shaking in her hand has largely disappeared. Jean has maintained the exercise and diet program recommended by her Whitaker Wellness physician, and they have contributed to her present well-being. Thank you again.

 Gerry, San Antonio, Texas*

We Cherish Each Day That We Have Together

Gerald Beers was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1998. When he came to see us in 2004, he was exhibiting typical symptoms of the disease: an unsteady shuffle, difficulty speaking clearly, and the characteristic expressionless “Parkinson’s mask” caused by facial rigidity. Gerald was treated with IV glutathione and vitamin C, but according to his wife, Phyllis, what helped the most was HBOT.

“Gerald came out of the HBOT chamber on the third day without his Parkinson’s mask. I was just thrilled. I was first attracted to him by his beautiful, sparkling brown eyes, so I was elated to see them dancing back at me again. I feel that his hyperbaric treatments are what kept him going. In fact, the beneficial results of his initial clinic visit lasted 19–20 months.”

“Today (September 2007), though Gerald’s physical manifestations of the disease have progressed, he’s as alert as he can be, and I attribute that to HBOT. I really feel that my husband’s disease would be much worse had he not had these treatments. I feel that God has been so gracious to both Gerald and me, and we cherish each day that we have together. You gave us more precious years to live together.”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

From Walker to Walking

Fourteen years ago, Coco was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Over the years, her tremors worsened and she was unable to get around without a walker or a cane—a devastating handicap for this active, vibrant, 55-year-old from Arizona.

During a trip to southern California to visit friends last August, Coco decided to treat herself to a day at the spa. While she was there, she was approached by a woman who noticed her problem and asked if she’d ever heard of intravenous (IV) glutathione. The woman said that her best friend’s father, who also had Parkinson’s, received this treatment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, and it really helped. Coco was interested, so the woman left her a note with information about the clinic.

As soon as Coco got back to her friend’s house, she Googled the Whitaker Wellness Institute and read about the successes we’ve had treating Parkinson’s disease. She was so excited that she showed up at the clinic bright and early on Monday morning.

After just four days of IV glutathione infusions, along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Coco’s gait began to steady, her tremors started to subside, and, for the first time, she was hopeful that she might gain control of her Parkinson’s disease—instead of it controlling her. Her results were so remarkable that she decided to rent an apartment close to the clinic in order to continue treatment.

Today, Coco is a different woman. “I haven’t used a walker or a cane for months. I’m able to wear shoes with a slight heel, and I’m even dancing again. I went from barely walking to going up and down stairs on my own. If I feel like the benefits of the therapies are wearing off a little bit, I get maintenance treatments, and they keep my symptoms at bay. I wish I could thank the lady who told me about glutathione and the Whitaker Wellness Institute. This information changed my life, and I owe her a debt of gratitude.”

from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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