Nutritional Counseling Success Stories

Diet Changes Made an Unbelievable Difference

I recently met the Whitaker Wellness Institute nutritionist, who works in close relation with Dr. Whitaker and the rest of his team. Before our meeting, I didn’t eat right. My nutrition was very unbalanced—no meat, all bread and cereals filled with sugars, which caused more hunger. As a young woman trying to watch my weight, I was definitely not eating the right types of food. I never ate three meals a day and always missed breakfast. I often experienced weight fluctuations, migraine headaches, and terrible mood swings along with the feeling of being FAT.

I was also involved in an auto accident, which caused me to have bad back problems. I was so tired of leading this type of life.

After nutritional counseling, my whole way of life has changed. I now feel good about the way I look, I no longer experience migraine headaches, I have so much more energy and life, and lastly my back is recovering. After all the doctors and medicine I have been on, nothing cured me but my own nutrition. If you are experiencing a similar situation and would like a new change, please don’t be ashamed to change your eating habits. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE. If you think this is a diet, you’re wrong. It should be your new way of eating.

Without the wonderful doctors at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, I would still be suffering. THANK YOU WHITAKER WELLNESS, for all your help and guidance. I am now a totally different person.

 Bree Clark, Newport Beach, California*

The Best Decision I Have Ever Made

When I attended your wellness clinic back in late April of 1994, I was not in good shape. My glucose level hit a high of 856, and I was taking 20 units of insulin a day. I had lost 22 pounds, my ability to think clearly was severely hindered, and my overall sense of well being was at an all time low. Spiritually, I was spent.

One year after attending your wellness clinic I feel better than I have felt at any point in my life. My glucose levels have normalized between 70 and 120. I am completely off insulin (I still test myself regularly). My weight has stabilized to an ideal number for my height. I am lifting weights, swimming, and jogging on a regular basis. My cognitive function has been fully restored, and memory lapses are a thing of the past. Negative thoughts have completely dissipated, and my family and friends have noticed that I am full of life again.

When I asked the medical personnel here in the east about attending the Whitaker Wellness Clinic in Newport Beach, CA, I was told not to waste my money. It probably will not do any good. Just like when I was a kid and my mother told me to do something, I chose not to listen. It was the best decision I have ever made. (I do listen to mom these days.) It is truly a medical miracle how I feel.

You are right on the mark with everything you said. When I spoke of diet, nutrition, and exercise with my doctors in Northern Virginia, they stared at me as if I was crazy. They had no knowledge of the benefits of chromium picolinate, coenzyme Q10, vanadyl sulfate, magnesium, etc. The only thing they could advise me to do for my elevated blood sugar count was to take drugs such as Diabeta and/or additional units of insulin. In addition, for my depressed state of mind the drug Prozac was pushed on me as if it were Halloween candy. I actually took it for awhile to satisfy the doctors here.

I am continuing to follow the low fat, low sugar, high fiber diet. In addition, I am taking the vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements on regular basis. I truly appreciate everyone at the Whitaker Wellness Institute for standing by me during this very turbulent time in my life. I know that I was a difficult patient. I apologize for that. You are all wonderful people who genuinely care about people getting well and staying well.

As stated above, my health is doing fine. I firmly believe if there were more health practitioners such as Dr. Whitaker, and more wellness clinics such as the Whitaker Wellness Institute across the United States, there would not be the crisis that exists in healthcare today.

— Dan Robinson, Berryville, Virginia*

I Lost My Pudge

I’ve had hypertension and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) for several years, along with problems with my weight. Over the years I tried several drugs for both conditions, and when I went to Whitaker Wellness I was taking Nexium for GERD and a blood pressure drug.

At my wife’s urging, we spent two weeks at the clinic. I received IV therapies, nutritional counseling, and a nutritional supplement program. I did great. Now I am off all meds, my blood pressure is within normal limits, and I have no GERD symptoms. I’ve lost my “pudge” plus 21 pounds. Our diet has improved dramatically. I used to crave sweets but don’t now. I do a lot of physical labor on my rental properties. I used to get dizzy to the point that I couldn’t work sometimes. Now I work a lot and no longer feel dizzy.

— F.W., Texas*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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