Neurofeedback Success Stories

Neurofeedback: A Love Story

Patients who experience the positive effects of Neurofeedback therapy are brimming with clarity and newfound love for life. Hear from some of our patients below who have benefitted from or have had a loved one benefit from this therapy, starting with Mrs. Hartman, whose husband received neurofeedback therapy at our clinic.

I love The New You So Much More

“I’ve always loved you, but I love the new you so much more. You’re calmer and treat things with more composure.”

Mrs. Hartman*

Clarity Of All The Wonderful Things

How can this little machine give me the clarity of all the wonderful things I can still accomplish in life? Why couldn’t I see that for myself before?

Marilyn S.* 

Sleeping Like A Log

“I don’t know what you’re doing here, and what this equipment really does, but I’ve been sleeping like a log.”

Linda M.*

Nothing Works Like Neurofeedback for Insomnia

There’s nothing else that works as well as neurofeedback for my sleep.

— A.G.*

I Haven’t Felt This Calm in Years

What I got out of neurofeedback was worth all of the money my husband and I spent here at Whitaker Wellness. All this ‘stuff’ up here has been lifted. I haven’t felt this calm in years.

— H.R.* 

From Brain Fog to Mental Clarity

What I got out of neurofeedback was clear thinking. That’s the world for someone who had brain fog every day for years.

— J.C.*

Ruined the Taste of Cigarettes

Your machine ruined the taste of cigarettes. I’m down to two or three a day, depending my level of anxiety. Before, I was smoking a pack per day.

— J.C.*

“My Double Vision is Gone!”

Richard came to the clinic after his conventional physicians told him there was nothing they could do for his progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare, degenerative neurological condition that severely affected his gait, balance, and vision. We treated him with a number of therapies, including neurofeedback. In the middle of his seventh treatment, he exclaimed, “My double vision is gone!” Two days later, he fell, hit the back of his head, and his double vision returned. After three more neurofeedback treatments, he regained normal vision.

from Health & Healing, by Julian Whitaker, MD*

“Peace of Body, Mind, and Soul”

“When we came to Whitaker Wellness last year, I was at the lowest place I’d been in a long time. Over the past few years, I’d gone through the stress of caring for my first husband during his illness and the grief of his passing. Although I am now happily remarried to a wonderful man, I just wasn’t feeling as well physically or mentally as I had in the past.

“For example, I’ve worked at the same law firm for 20 years, but I would forget the names of clients—and I’ve known some of them for decades. Or I’d miss appointments at the beauty shop, which, as any woman knows, no one forgets. I had taken care of my mother after she had a stroke and was suffering with dementia, and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that, like her, I was developing Alzheimer’s. When I mentioned these things to my physician at Whitaker Wellness, she prescribed a course of neurofeedback.

“After the very first treatment, I noticed a sense of serenity that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Some of it was the relief I felt when the neurofeedback therapist, who is exceptionally kind and patient, reassured me that I didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but that the activity in certain areas of my brain was out of sync, most likely as a result of the grief, stress, and fear I had been dealing with. I had several treatments, and, after each one, I felt better and better.

“Neurofeedback helped me so much that I found a facility that offered it back home so I could continue treatment. Of all the therapies I did at Whitaker Wellness, neurofeedback was the most valuable. It gave me lasting calmness and peace of body, mind, and soul.”

— Nelda Mills, Texas*

*Individual results may vary.

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