Massage Therapy Success Stories

Massage Can Help Relieve Pain

During an exercise session, I felt something pull in my back. The next day I awoke with excruciating pain in the left side of my lower back shooting down into my left leg. I was truly incapacitated. The pain increased with any kind of movement, and I could hardly sit down. My left leg also felt weak, as if it was ready to buckle under me.

I treat myself to a massage every once in a while for stress relief and relaxation, and I remembered talking to the massage therapist once about how massage can help relieve pain. I’m here to tell you it works. She told me I was having sciatica. She worked on my lower back for two days straight, and after each massage I felt better and better. By the third day, I was pretty much back to normal. I had a similar problem a few years ago but didn’t get massage treatment, and it took almost two weeks to heal.

— L.B., Newport Beach, California*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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