Lyme Disease Success Stories

Pain Relief, More Energy, & a Dramatically Improved Quality of Life

Until two years ago, Debra was always on the go. She worked fulltime, was involved with her family’s activities, enjoyed hiking, snowboarding, Zumba dancing, and mountain biking. Then her health began spiraling downhill.

“Within months, I went from active and healthy to feeling old and frail. My migrating symptoms included stabbing and shooting pain, numbness and tingling, stiffness and spasms, memory and attention difficulties, loss of balance and vertigo, vision problems and sensitivity to light and sound, gastrointestinal and bladder issues, shortness of breath and heart palpitations, skin rashes and night sweats, lack of energy, and more. In short, I was a wreck. I wasn’t able to do any of the activities I loved doing and I couldn’t even wear shoes because the pain was so bad.”

“Then I went to Whitaker Wellness. My physician immediately suspected Lyme disease, even though I could not remember ever having a tick bite. My tests came back positive, and he started me on antibiotics along with supplements and IV therapies to boost my immune system and reduce symptoms.”

“Diagnosing Lyme disease and guiding me on the path to health has dramatically changed my quality of life. The pain is much better, and I can now wear shoes! My thinking is clearer, and I am reading again. I have more energy, and I am able to do chores, walk the dog, and take my son to soccer practice. When I go on vacation I am planning on snowboarding, which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time.”

Debra R., Mission Viejo*

Alternative Therapies Superior to Drugs

I had a tick bite years ago. Unfortunately, I was not diagnosed with Lyme disease for some time. After that, I was prescribed massive doses of antibiotics, which totally damaged my immune system, and I am now allergic to gluten and all dairy products. I also have peptic ulcers due to years of taking Motrin to relieve pain. I heard about hyperbaric oxygen for Lyme, came to your clinic, and had approximately 40 treatments plus EECP for angina. Now I only use alternative meds and holistic treatments. I no longer take any pharmaceuticals and am on a healthy food plan. Thank you for the treatment and education I received at your clinic.

— Cynthia M.*

Out of Wheelchair, Optimistic About Future

Several years ago Nate Brownlee, an active and healthy young man, began experiencing numbness and stiffness on his left side as well as balance problems. He saw a doctor who, after much testing and evaluation, diagnosed him with transverse myelitis, an inflammatory disorder of the spinal column. This was the start of a rotating cycle of diagnoses that included lupus, Devic’s disease, demyelinating polyneuropathy, and multiple sclerosis. When steroids and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG)—typical treatments for these autoimmune disorders—failed to help, additional tests were run, and Nate was finally told he had Lyme disease.

Once Nate’s diagnosis was established, he was treated with heavy doses of antibiotics and had marked improvements. The antibiotics were eventually stopped, however, and he immediately went farther downhill. By late last year, Nate had minimal use of his left hand, was unable to stand or walk without a cane, and was forced to use a wheelchair at times. His physician was running out of options, so he recommended that Nate visit Whitaker Wellness.

The primary treatments Nate received at the clinic were hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous vitamin C and glutathione, and EECP. After two weeks, he had regained some of his balance and partial use of his left hand, and he was able to walk 50 feet without assistance. Because he didn’t have access to these therapies back home, he returned to Whitaker Wellness several months later for additional treatment.

Today, Nate’s balance and stability are steadily improving. He no longer drags his left leg, and he can walk 100 yards on his own. He is very encouraged by his progress and optimistic about the future.

– From Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD*

*Individual results may vary.

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