LDN Success Stories

No More Colds

I started taking LDN nearly two years ago after reading about its immune benefits in Dr. Whitaker’s newsletter. I didn’t think much about it until I realized that I haven’t had any colds or other illnesses since I started taking LDN. I have always been healthy, but I usually get two or three colds or sinus infections a year. I’m not 100% sure it’s LDN, but I’m not about to stop taking it to find out!

— L.D., Fountain Valley, California*

Adieu, Allergies

For years I was plagued with allergies: chronic sneezing, runny nose, congestion, the whole nine yards. Then I started taking LDN. The results were remarkable. Within two days, my symptoms improved dramatically. LDN works better than any allergy drug.

— P.C., Anaheim, California*

Improvements in Lymphedema

At the advice of her Whitaker Wellness physician, Nancy began taking LDN as an overall immune booster because she’d had cancer in her pelvic region five years ago. Most of the lymph nodes in both of her legs were removed, and she underwent a course of radiation therapy. About a year later, Nancy developed a severe case of lymphedema in her right leg.

Lymphedema is a chronic and often painful condition marked by a buildup of lymph fluid that often affects cancer patients who have undergone lymph node removal and radiation. Nancy’s leg was so enlarged and heavy that she had difficulty putting on her pants, and her shoe left deep indentations on her foot. Her mobility was limited, and at times sticky lymphatic fluid would seep through her skin. Her conventional doctors told her there was nothing they could do for her.

But within days of starting LDN, the lymphedema in her leg diminished noticeably. Her success inspired fellow employee Bobbi, who’d had 21 lymph nodes removed from her armpit during breast cancer surgery and developed lymphedema in her left arm, to start taking LDN as well. Bobbi’s been taking LDN and reports considerably less heaviness and achiness, as well as a loss of one-half inch in the circumference of her arm.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Stopped Shingles Outbreaks

Shingles made my life a misery. In a year and a half period, I had eight outbreaks, and the pain was awful. But since I began taking low-dose naltrexone, I haven’t had a single episode. That was about two years ago. I am very grateful for this therapy.

— M.C., Anaheim, California*

Put the Brakes on Cold Sores

Before I began taking LDN, I used to get cold sores whenever I was under a lot of stress. I’d get them every other month or so. Then I got an LDN prescription for its overall immune benefits. Much to my surprise, my cold sores completely went away. I haven’t had a single outbreak for two years!

— D.G., Newport Beach, California*

Calming an Irritable Bowel

I have been dealing with irritable bowel syndrome for years. My main symptom is diarrhea, and I used to average 30 episodes a day. As you can imagine, this was very hard to deal with. I actually had to plan my outings and even my driving routes around bathroom locations in case I needed to make a sudden stop. After I started taking LDN, my episodes decreased to eight per day. This may still sound like a lot to most people, but for me, it’s been a dramatic improvement in how I feel and my quality of life. I would recommend LDN to anyone with this condition.

— U.P., California*

LDN Curbs Allergies

My brother Ralph wanted me to tell you that the LDN is really helping his wife and son. They both have bad allergies, and this season has been horrible.  They live in Connecticut and this is the first time in years that they are not miserable with the red eyes and sneezing!

— M.J.S.*

LDN Improves Crohn’s Disease

My son was in an automobile accident in April 2009. Because the car was hit on his side, he was transferred to a trauma center where they performed several tests, one of which was a CT scan. Prior to the accident, he was in good health, aside from an occasional stomachache. After a long and scary night in the hospital, we were sent home with a copy of the scan to show our pediatrician.

After talking to our son’s doctor, he thought the stomach pains could be appendicitis. Then came the dreaded news from the pediatric surgeon that it looked like Crohn’s disease. I began reading everything I could get my hands on regarding the disease. We attempted conventional treatment with a doctor at a prominent children’s hospital but her methods of healing made no sense to me.

I started my son on a regimen of probiotics, glutamine, vitamin C, and fish oil. In July 2009, we had our first appointment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Our physician there fine-tuned the supplements, did an exam, and suggested we start him on low-dose naltrexone (LDN). Initially we were unsure of LDN because it’s a pharmaceutical and we’re not “pill people.” But after more research I found an Internet group for LDN. People from all over the world are on this site, asking questions and getting answers and sharing valuable information.

Finally, in March of 2010, we chose to try the LDN along with vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, strong probiotics, B-complex vitamins, glutamine, and a high dose of iron in a food-based multivitamin. We also switched to a mostly gluten-free diet at home—the best we could with a teenage boy. Four months later, at the end of July, we had my son’s blood work done. The numbers were fabulous.

To date he is growing normally, has no stomach pains, has more energy, and is healthier than anyone I know. We will continue to monitor his blood and watch his diet and hope for continued success. The last 18 months have been a growing and learning time for us and we are better for it. I thank God every day for the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

— L.C.*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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