Liver Disease Success Stories

Liver Enzymes Stabilized

In March, 59-year-old Ellie, suffering with hepatitis C, arrived at the Whitaker Wellness Institute quite ill and very concerned. Her viral load was high (6,830,000), her liver enzymes were elevated, and her doctor had informed her that even if treatment could hold the virus at bay, she would eventually require a liver transplant.

We treated Ellie with “triple therapy”—a combination of alpha lipoic acid, selenium, and silymarin. Just six weeks after starting on triple therapy, her liver enzymes stabilized, and two of three fell into the normal range. Her viral load dropped to 1,120,000—an amazing five-fold reduction! Ellie was delighted with the dramatic changes in her lab work, as well as her newfound health and well-being. To maintain these improvements, she will need to continue following this protocol indefinitely, but Ellie feels that taking a few supplements each day is a pretty good trade-off.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

“That Can’t Be True,” Doctor Says

I ran into a teacher at my children’s school who had been diagnosed with hepatitis C, a viral disease that slowly destroys the liver. He told me he was feeling poorly, his current therapies weren’t helping, and his physician was getting ready to start him on interferon, a drug that has major side effects.

I told him about the trio of natural elements we use at the clinic to treat hepatitis. He started taking them, and within a month he began feeling much better. He saw his physician, who ordered blood tests that showed that his viral load and antigen levels had fallen so much that he no longer needed interferon.

His doctor asked him what he was doing. The teacher told him about the protocol and gave him an article about this hepatitis treatment that I had written. His doctor said, “That can’t be true. If it were, somebody would be making a million dollars on it.”

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

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