Infrared Light Therapy Success Stories

Red-Light District

Caroline and I will always remember your special care for me with the infrared therapy. Now don’t take this the wrong way but you have the best “Red-Light District” in California.
— Jim and Caroline Aller*

William Threw Away His Cane

William began experiencing symptoms of diabetic neuropathy three years ago at age 61. Recently retired, he had been looking forward to having more time to do the things he enjoys, but the severe pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in his ankles and feet made walking difficult and golf impossible. When he lost the ability to sense pressure on the soles of his feet, his balance suffered and he was forced to use a cane.

He had a stent placed in the main artery in his left leg in order to improve his circulation and prevent him from losing the leg. But even with the improved blood flow, he was still in pain, which worsened at night and robbed him of sleep. He consulted several physicians in his hometown of Seattle, but they had nothing to offer beyond prescriptions for powerful narcotics. When the side effects of the drugs proved intolerable, William stopped taking them.

Last Christmas, William and his wife traveled to southern California to visit family in the area. His niece Juliet, who works at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, was at one of the family get-togethers. When Juliet realized the extent of her uncle’s suffering, she urged him to schedule an appointment at the clinic. William took her advice, came to Whitaker Wellness, and was treated with infrared light therapy and hyperbaric oxygen.

Within two weeks of his first treatment, William noticed less pain in his feet and ankles. A week later, he was able to get around the house and go up and down the stairs without relying on his cane. And at the end of his five-week stay in California, he was virtually pain-free.

William also underwent a standard test of sensation called the Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament. A slender filament (similar to a bristle on a hairbrush) was pressed against the skin at 16 different sites on the bottoms of his feet and toes until it bent. Before treatment, William had no sensation at 11 of these sites. When he was retested after his treatment course, he was able to feel the sensation on all but two of the sites.

For this patient, the combination of the two treatments was nothing short of a miracle.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

“Infrared Light Therapy is What Did it For Me”

I was in pain for close to 37 years or maybe a little bit more since Vietnam. I had injuries that I sustained over there that just grew worse and worse and worse. My knees were bothering me, my right leg would always drag when I walked, and my right arm just hung to my side when I came here. Now, I’m shaking hands for the first time in 37 years with my right hand, it’s great.

Infrared light therapy made the pain go away on the third treatment after 37 years of my life being wasted. Infrared light therapy is what did it for me.

— Thomas Ryan*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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