Exercise Training Success Stories

I Can Exercise Again

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to be feeling much better now than I have felt in years! Your careful, gentle, and non-aggressive approach to treating my asthma and allergies has worked better than any other approach I have tried in my entire life! You make it so easy to live a healthier and a more balanced lifestyle than with anyone else I have worked with. With the least amount of prescription medications, you have really helped me feel much better than ever!

My ability to resume and pursue my strenuous aerobics routine daily is testimony to the effectiveness of your overall therapy for me. I always feel grateful that after every nebulizer treatment, now combining xopenex and glutathione, I now usually achieve peak flows between 410 and as high as my record 440 l/min on several occasions. My aerobic exercises are paying off, and now I find that I have to jump and run a little harder in order to keep my exercise pulse rate at the correct ‘target zone’ for my age. I also believe that continuing aerobics will help increase my vital capacity. I can’t wait to do another spirometry test again and see how my new program is helping out my lungs.

I also want to thank your sports medicine doctor for his guidance and availability to answer my exercise-related questions and topics.

— Christine Ho*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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