Cancer Success Stories

I Was Very Impressed

Ramona started a two-week Back to Health Program in support for thyroid cancer. At first, she was wary about coming all the way to California from Florida for treatment but her experience helps to describe how the Whitaker Wellness Institute can help support patients with cancer.

“Tests were performed that my conventional doctor refused to even consider. I was very impressed. My conventional doctors and surgeon stated ‘You’ll be signing your death warrant if you got out to see Dr. Whitaker.’ I did not come to have my cancer cured, just to slow it down, rebuild my immune system, and learn different options if any were available. Thank you to all the staff for being so helpful, encouraging, and supportive.”

— Ramona*

Update: Three-Year Remission Milestone

I was at Whitaker Wellness for two weeks in November of 2010 and wanted to provide this update. I just passed three years of complete healing. I recently had a CT scan and all was clear “as expected”. I thank God for His total healing in which the Whitaker Wellness Institute played a key role.

— Brian Patenaude, Florida, February 2014*

Natural Remedies Assist in Melanoma Remission

I am now about 11 months out from attending your clinic for two weeks of therapy.  I came to your facility with no hope from my doctors at home or at one of the country’s top cancer treatment centers. My diagnosis was stage four melanoma, and the cancer had metastasized from my neck lymph nodes, which were removed, to my liver. All that the doctors relayed to me was that the therapies offered would be able to lengthen my life “a little” but there were no curative treatment available. They basically gave me no hope at all. I was encouraged to participate in many different trial treatments and drug therapies but refused to do so.

I am a man of prayer and deep faith, so I got on my knees and asked God for a plan of action.  My attitude was, if man can’t do anything, I knew my God could.  I truly believe God gave me a plan to the path of healing. On the top of the list was vitamin C infusions. I did a lot of research and decided to come out to the Whitaker Wellness Institute for two weeks for treatment. The doctors at the clinic helped me get on a better nutritional path, along with receiving IV vitamin C, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and nutritional supplements.

After leaving the clinic, I have continued the vitamin C treatments locally along with Cyberknife radiation treatments. Two weeks ago I received the news that my last PET scan is completely clear of any indication of cancer!  I praise God for that! The doctors are totally amazed and have used the terms “kind of like a miracle…Amazing…This doesn’t happen with melanoma… I would not have given you a year to live and look at your report…and so on.”

The staff and doctors at the Whitaker Wellness Institute played a key role in the healing of my body from a horrific and terminal disease. I thank all of you for your diligence in treating those given little or no hope by conventional medicine.

— Brian Patenaude, Florida, September 2011*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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