Reflexology Success Stories

Thanks to Reflexology, I Still Have All My Toes

I had my first reflexology session a year and a half ago, and there is no question that I still have the toes on my left foot because of it. My regular doctor had remarked that my toes were turning black due to diabetic neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, and he had no solution to offer. So I came to the Whitaker Wellness Institute and was scheduled for reflexology three times a week to start.

Slowly my toes turned pink and healthy. I still come here once a week to keep my feet and toes in good order. Besides, it makes me feel good all over!

— Peg Durrant, Laguna Niguel, California*

Reflexology Relieves Chronic Stomach Pain

I was skeptical when my doctor scheduled me for reflexology. I wasn’t even sure what the term meant. However, coming all the way from Louisiana to California to the Whitaker Wellness Institute, I knew I needed to have faith in my doctor. I was tired of the nausea, depression, fatigue, etc., that had control of me physically, psychologically, and spiritually. The real “me” was gone, and I had to get “me” back.

My first visit being very sick to my stomach was one of “hope this can help,” seeing how I’d tried all the other approaches. As I lay on the table, I knew this was the only hope I had left. As the reflexologist started, my stomach spoke up loudly with all sorts of gurgling. I could feel the pain calming down. I was skeptical because I usually felt better when lying down-but what might happen when I stood up was the biggie.

After the therapy I stood up. The nausea was gone, the stomach pain was gone, and I was so relaxed. I was stunned, then grateful, and then hopeful for the next day in case the nausea returned, as was the pattern.

Well, due to my candida, the stomach pain and nausea did return, but every time I had a treatment in the morning, the symptoms would cease and I could have a day worth living. After suffering three years undiagnosed, I now have hope. For me, relief means REFLEXOLOGY. I now have a respect for reflexology and more so, the reflexologist himself.

— Elaine McDonald, Louisiana*

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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