Anxiety Success Stories

Thank God I Found the Whitaker Wellness Institute

When I was 22 years old I began experiencing what was later diagnosed as panic attacks. I would wake up at night with my heart racing in my chest, I would struggle for air, and a strange tingling sensation would flow through my extremities. It wasn’t uncommon for my heart to beat so rapidly that it would skip a beat. This led to me obsessively taking my pulse, and I was thoroughly convinced that I was going to drop dead of a heart attack at any minute. And these “attacks” weren’t only nocturnal. More than once I had to leave work because I was literally freaking out.

I took my problem to a local GP who promptly prescribed Paxil. I found this a bit odd seeing as how this drug is typically prescribed for depression. However, naively believing that “doctor knows best” I didn’t argue.

The side effects were horrible. I felt like a walking zombie. Zero interest in my friends, family, work, intimacy. You name it, it was dead to me. And if I wasn’t depressed before (which I wasn’t), I sure was then. It was awful. The worst part? I lived like this for three years.

Thank God I found the Whitaker Wellness Institute when I did. I learned that there are safe, natural ways to curb anxiety and that prescription drugs are not only dangerous but they literally wipe out the essence of who you are. I was weaned off Paxil and for the last year I’ve been going the natural route. I feel great, my anxiety and panic attacks are under control, and I can honestly say I have my life back. Thanks, Whitaker Wellness.

 Claudia, Newport Beach*

No Drugs, No Anxiety

Cheryl, a CPA and owner of a successful accounting firm, often puts in 12 to 14 hour days. A few months ago, she began waking up at night with a rapid heartbeat and severe anxiety that often lasted throughout the day.

Cheryl would be considered by most doctors a perfect candidate for anti-anxiety medications such as Valium. However, these medications have a plethora of dangerous side effects, including dizziness, impaired thinking, memory loss, and unsteady gait. They are also habit-forming. Xanax, an exceptionally powerful drug in this class, is quite addictive.

Instead, she came to see me. Rather than drugs, I recommended a nutritional supplement and lifestyle modification program. Cheryl took my advice, and she gets by very well.

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

I Haven’t Felt This Calm in Years

What I got out of neurofeedback was worth all of the money my husband and I spent here at Whitaker Wellness. All this ‘stuff’ up here has been lifted. I haven’t felt this calm in years.

— H.R.* 

My Husband is Calmer

After being treated with neurofeedback, my husband is calmer and treats things with more equanimity.

— M.H.*

 *Individual Results May Vary 
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