Heal Like a Pro With Microcurrent Therapy

Heal Like a Pro With Microcurrent Therapy

Julian Whitaker, MD

Fibromyalgia, tendonitis, neuropathy, musculoskeletal injuries—most any pain condition responds to microcurrent therapy. This treatment delivers specific, very low-frequency currents to problematic areas anywhere in the body. The currents, which are customized to each tissue type, stabilize cells and cause a dramatic increase in ATP, or cellular energy, as well as a reduction in inflammation. The result is an often profound relief of pain.

This Pro Got Back in the Game

One big fan of microcurrent therapy is NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens. In 2004, Owens was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that, thanks in part to his stellar season, made it to Super Bowl XXXIX. In December of that year, Owens sustained a fractured fibula and severely strained ankle during a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Such injuries generally require 13 to 18 weeks to heal, and everyone assumed Owens would miss the Super Bowl.

Six weeks later, however, Owens surprised the sports world by starting in the game, making nine receptions, and gaining 122 yards. He credited his remarkable recovery to microcurrent and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which he started immediately after surgery.

Patients Rave About Microccurrent

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of this therapy—it’s a favorite of patients at the Whitaker Wellness Institute as well. Microcurrent therapy afforded K.M. marked pain relief after she tweaked her hip lifting weights. After just a few treatment sessions, her discomfort disappeared. Mary’s sciatica, which had bothered her for weeks, dramatically decreased. B.D.’s chronic groin pain disappeared. Grace’s shoulder pain resolved with treatment. And Lorraine experienced improvements in her fibromyalgia symptoms after the first treatment.

Microcurrent therapy is safe and well tolerated (currents are so low that you don’t feel them as you do with a TENS unit), and enduring benefits are often reported after a handful of sessions.


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