Chiropractic Success Stories

Playing the Piano Again

Three years after falling down a flight of stairs, composer Redd Stewart had coordination problems with his left arm and leg that prevented him from playing the piano. He was seen by seven doctors and had extensive testing but was told nothing could be done for him—so he came to the Back to Health Program. After just one chiropractic adjustment, Redd had better control of his left hand, and after two more treatments, he had remarkable improvements in his motor control. After returning home to Louisville, Kentucky, Redd was able to resume playing the piano for the first time in three years!

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Back Pain Gone After Two Adjustments

Two weeks ago I had a severe pain in the middle part of my back. I get this from time to time, usually after jogging or other types of exercise. When I turned my head to the right, it hurt more. Rather than consult a medical doctor, I immediately went to my chiropractor. I was adjusted—click–clack went my joints—and I felt instant, but not complete relief. I went back for a second adjustment the next day. Two days later, the pain was completely gone!

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

“Relief Was Instant, Almost Magical”

Oh, did it hurt! Sixty minutes on a bicycle in the pretzel position and the next day I could hardly walk. My lower back was killing me, and I couldn’t even turn my head. I immediately called my doctor—a good indication that I was hurting because I generally fend for myself. The doctor I called is a chiropractor. He asked all the right questions, carefully examined my aching back, and noted that my left leg was about one-half inch shorter than my right. X-rays (I do not submit to them routinely) showed a spine that had been beaten up by 30 years of running, but no fractures or collapsed disks. It was a spasm in the muscles of my left lower back that was pulling up my pelvis and making my left leg shorter. He went to work. Starting with my neck, he adjusted my entire spine, and relief was instant, almost magical.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

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