Please be advised that, effective March 30, 2018, I am retiring and closing Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic.

This was not an easy decision. Whitaker Wellness has been my “home” for nearly 40 years, and some of our medical and support staff members have been with us for decades. However, retirement has been looming large, and the timing seems right. 

When Whitaker Wellness opened in 1979, we were one of the first alternative medicine clinics, and over the years we adopted therapies that few others were offering. Today, the type of medicine Whitaker Wellness helped pioneer is no longer a rarity, and therapies such as IV vitamins, EECP, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and stem cell therapy are available elsewhere. Looking back, I can only say that being a part of the blossoming of integrative medicine has been exciting and gratifying.

Whitaker Wellness has had the privilege of participating in the health care of tens of thousands of patients over the years. I am particularly grateful to them and their patronage, loyalty, and confidence in us. 

Best wishes for your health and happiness,

Julian Whitaker, MD 

P.S. I will continue to write my newsletter Health & Healing as well as blogs posted on Hope you will stay in touch!



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drug-free approaches to depression

Safe, Drug-Free Approaches to Depression

Folks, America has a drug problem. It’s true. One out of every six people in this country currently takes a psychiatric medication. And the majority of these meds are antidepressants. Fortunately, safe, drug-free approaches to depression are available and they do work. But let’s first take a look at just how harmful these antidepressant medications […]

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benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Exciting New Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

At Whitaker Wellness, we’ve been using and extolling the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for decades. But the earliest documented use of hyperbaric therapy dates back to 1662, when a British physician treated patients with respiratory conditions in a chamber filled with compressed air. America’s first hyperbaric chamber was built in 1861, and in 1928 Dr. […]

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Sidestepping the Serious Dangers of Polypharmacy

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dangers of statins

Dangers of Statins & 4 Tips to Lower Cholesterol Safely

Statin drugs are widely believed to prevent heart attacks and save lives. Often overlooked, however, are the dangers of statins—and the fact that these prescription drugs are inappropriately doled out to millions of unsuspecting patients.  No symptoms? No history of heart disease? No problem. You don’t even have to have a high cholesterol level to […]

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tea benefits

Top 7 Tea Benefits Revealed

“Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary.” So goes a Chinese proverb that modern science is proving to be true. Hot, iced, green, black, chai, jasmine: It’s tea time around the world. Roughly 2 billion people worldwide drink tea every day, and for good reason. Next to water, tea is one of […]

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bioidentical hormones

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Bioidentical Hormones

I have been prescribing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for my patients for more than 30 years, and during that time, I’ve seen its reputation rise and fall. Female HRT took a hit in 2002, when the Women’s Health Initiative uncovered the very real dangers of Premarin and Provera (horse estrogen and synthetic progestin). A similar […]

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Hypertension Myths

Hypertension Myths: What Works for High Blood Pressure?

There are a lot of hypertension myths floating around out there. Ask any doctor or patient about hypertension, and you’ll get the same answer: It raises risk of heart attacks, strokes, and premature death, and lowering blood pressure saves lives. Increased awareness and treatment of hypertension is considered to be one of modern medicine’s greatest achievements. […]

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L-Carnitine for Healthy Aging

Carnitine and I go way back—I wrote about it in the very first issue of Health & Healing in August 1991. Back then all we really knew about this supplement was that it improved angina, heart function, and exercise tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure. As further research emerged over the years, I […]

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Asthma Remedies

Asthma Remedies: What Works/What Doesn’t

The statistics are grim. One in 12 Americans—25 million children and adults—have asthma. Incidence has dramatically increased in the past 15 years, as reflected in rising use of asthma medications. Advair is the second most prescribed medication in the US, and worldwide sales of asthma drugs exceed $16 billion and are expected to increase to […]

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Works for me

Works for Me: Healthy Tips for a Healthy Life

Each month in my newsletter Health & Healing we run a feature called “Works for Me” where subscribers share health, wellness, and lifestyle tips. It’s a treasure trove of practical, useful information and this blog contains just a handful of these suggestions. Enjoy! Works for Me: Pennies and Water to Deter Flies Someone told me that […]

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