Whitaker Wellness Success Stories: Matters of the Heart

Angioplasty, and bypass surgery, which are performed on hundreds of thousands of patients every year, make about as much sense as killing termites with guns. Scientific studies dating back 40 years conclusively demonstrate that bypass does more harm than good for the majority of patients who submit to it, and angioplasty is not the lifesaving intervention it’s cracked up to be. But what angers me most is that patients are regularly presented with gloom-and-doom scenarios, scared out of their wits, and virtually shoved into these unnecessary invasive procedures—without being offered any alternatives.

I’m here to tell you that you do have other choices. The following Whitaker Wellness success stories are just three examples of patients who stood up to the bullies of conventional cardiology and opted instead for safe, natural treatments for heart disease.

Whitaker Wellness Success Story #1: Dorothy Just Said “No”

Five years ago, Dorothy was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with a heart attack, and recommended to have an immediate angioplasty. Actually, “recommended” is the wrong word. What Dorothy and her family experienced in that hospital can only be described as systematic, premeditated bullying.

There she was, lying in the ICU, exhausted and traumatized by the heart attack she had just sustained but stabilized on medications and out of danger. At that point, Dorothy politely but firmly declined the recommended angioplasty—and the harassment began. First the cardiologist, then wave after wave of other doctors and nurses told her that if she didn’t agree to the procedure, she’d go into “full cardiac arrest.” They even sent in a group of psychiatrists who insinuated to her family that she would be crazy if she didn’t consent. It only stopped when Dorothy’s son threatened to physically throw them out of her room.

After her discharge from the hospital, Dorothy came to Whitaker Wellness and underwent natural treatments for heart disease: lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, and EECP. Within two weeks, she had no more chest pain or shortness of breath, and by the time she completed her course of EECP, she was off all heart medications.

Today she is taking no prescription drugs and has no symptoms of heart disease. She’s maintained her exercise, diet, and supplement regimen, and she feels fantastic. Did Dorothy really need that immediate angioplasty? You be the judge.

Whitaker Wellness Success Story #2: Reversing Bypass-Induced Damage

A few years ago, Frank Bostwick had triple-vessel bypass. It was the usual scenario. He was told that if he didn’t have bypass surgery, he could drop dead at any moment, so he consented. Big mistake. After the operation, he had vision problems, dizziness (he couldn’t bend over without feeling like he was going to fall), and what he described as “brain fog.”

Frank had read in Health & Healing about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as a treatment for stroke, Parkinson’s, and other neurological disorders. Because his symptoms were similar to those of a stroke, he thought it might help, and he asked his doctors if he could give it a try. It was like talking to a stone wall. Not only did they refuse this treatment—without suggesting anything else—but they adamantly denied that his issues were in any way related to bypass surgery!

Shortly thereafter, Frank enrolled in the Back to Health Program at the clinic, where he underwent a complete workup and was prescribed a personalized nutritional supplement regimen, a therapeutic diet and exercise program, and a course of hyperbaric oxygen to help repair injured brain cells, stimulate new blood vessel growth, and promote healing. Frank was also treated with EECP, the same natural treatment for heart disease Dorothy received, which opens up alternative pathways around arterial blockages and improves cardiovascular health.

After four years of little to no progress, just two weeks of treatment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute increased Frank’s energy, improved his focus and balance, and sharpened his thought processes. He continued to improve after returning home and reported he was able to read and work on his computer, drive, and do chores around his ranch. Frank says, “I may not be 100 percent yet, but I’m pretty darn happy with the 75 percent improvement I made at the clinic.”

Whitaker Wellness Success Story #3: “Back in the Saddle Again”

“I wanted to express my thanks to you, Dr. Whitaker, and the wonderful staff there at your clinic! My heart problems made it impossible for me to take care of the animals on our farm, and my husband and I had to sell everything.

“After our visit to Whitaker Wellness, where I was treated with EECP, IVs, acupuncture, and APAP for sleep apnea, I am back in the saddle again. Thanks to these natural treatments for heart disease, I am now able to do my farm chores without huffing and puffing and stopping every five minutes to catch my breath. I can also tend to my animals again, including goats and chickens given to me by our neighbor.

“My blood pressure was 180/98 when I arrived at your clinic, and when I left it was 132/60. Your wonderful staff worked with us to stay within our budget, and we really appreciated all the kindness, professionalism, and respect they displayed with us and all of the patients.” — Holly Strickland, Owen, WI

More Natural Treatments for Heart Disease

As these three patients’ stories illustrate, bypass surgery, angioplasty, and prescription drugs are not the only answer when it comes to cardiovascular disease. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about the Whitaker Wellness Institute’s natural treatments for heart disease, please fill out this form for a FREE consultation with one of our knowledgeable and caring Patient Services Representatives. You can also call 866) 632-8890 to have your questions answered right away. At the very least, if you are told you need bypass surgery or angioplasty, I implore you to get a second opinion.

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