TLC Success Stories

From 340 to 190 Pounds

At age 39, Mark tipped the scales at 340 pounds. He also had angina, and when the pain became too much, he came to the clinic—where he finally got the motivation and inspiration to make lifestyle changes. It took a couple of years, but Mark stuck with the program and has maintained an average weight of 190 for more than seven years. His angina is long gone, and he has never felt better.

 from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Here Comes the Bride

Despite exercising on a regular basis, I was a little on the heavy side. Recently, my fiancé proposed—and let me tell you, nothing motivates a girl to lose weight like an impending wedding. My diet needed some serious attention so I made a commitment to cut out starches and sugars. It wasn’t easy at first, but you know what? The pounds started falling off. Now, eating like this is second nature. It’s been four months and I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’d like to drop another 10, and with this program, I know I can.

— S.S. Los Angeles, California*

Heart Health Returns

R.J.F., an incredibly young-looking 65-year-old, lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for three years by eating a “commonsense” diet and walking two miles a day. He also saw his heart, which was in mid-stage heart failure, return to normal.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Thyroid and TLC

Judy lost 70 pounds over two years by following a “sensible” diet, walking four miles a day, and taking natural thyroid replacement. She reports improvements in joint pain, hair loss, mood, and digestion.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

No More Fast Food

Ryan, 22, lost 60 pounds over two and a half years by cutting out fast food and desserts. Friends from high school hardly recognize him.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Focus on Portion Sizes

Arthur lost 30 pounds over the course of 18 months by cutting down his portions and walking regularly.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Minus 142 Pounds

Twelve years ago, James of Milwaukee, WI, weighed 327 pounds. He drank too much, was completely inactive, developed diabetes, and had to take medication to control it. Then he started reading Health & Healing and decided to make some changes in his life. He gave up booze, began exercising, changed his eating habits, and started taking nutritional supplements. Today James weighs 185 pounds, and his diabetes is under control—without medication.

— from
 Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Lost Fat, Built Muscle

I’ve been on Weight Watchers for years, but I could never lose those last few pounds of fat. I’ve been on the TLC program for nine weeks now and not only have I lost the unwanted blubber, I’ve built up muscle, too. My fat/muscle ratio is very close to what it should be. I used to carry all my excess fat in my stomach, but now my clothes are fitting better than ever and I feel great. This is a lifestyle commitment, and I’m really good most of the time. But even when I went on vacation and was a little sloppy, I only put on a pound or two that came right back off after I got back on the program. I look and feel better than I have in years.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD 

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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