EECP Success Stories

Passed His Treadmill Stress Test With Flying Colors

“When I experienced left arm pain, I related it to muscle strain. But when it persisted, I finally mentioned it to my doctor who was suspicious it might be angina. He scheduled a treadmill stress test—which I failed, big time. They took me to the emergency medical clinic in an ambulance where I was told I could have a heart attack at any moment if I didn’t have open heart bypass surgery right away. Surgery was not an option for me. So I signed a waiver and left.

“Within weeks of arriving at the Whitaker Wellness Institute and undergoing EECP and other natural treatments, I took another stress test—and passed with flying colors!  The local cardiologist I saw initially was very impressed with the progress I had made. Dr. Whitaker and the dedicated staff at Whitaker Wellness have done such a great job that I’m going to be an ambassador for this treatment from now on.”

— Bruce Wheeler, Jr. DDS, Red Bluff, California*

“EECP Has Greatly Improved the Quality of My Life”

I had a small infarction at the age of 44. An angiogram showed numerous blockages and small coronary arteries that precluded a multiple bypass or angioplasty. I was advised to go home, take my medications, and exercise.

Two years later, I was not satisfied with my quality of life. I was still taking several medications, I still had some high blood pressure, and I experienced angina upon stress, exercise, and cold temperatures.

I undertook a series of EDTA chelation therapy treatments with some benefit, but was still not satisfied with my physical capacity or cold temperature tolerance. I attended the Whitaker Wellness Institute and encountered information on EECP therapy. After a series of 35 treatments, a treadmill stress test indicated a 20 percent increase in cardiac capacity. Back at home in the same exercise environment as prior to treatment, I can go faster, further, and with less pain. I can tolerate outdoor activities with much less pain during sub-zero temperatures.

My increased stamina is allowing longer exercise sessions to stretch my physical capacity, my weight remains under 200 pounds, blood pressure is now in the low-normal range, I have stopped taking calcium-channel and beta blockers, and need less isosorbide dinitrate to feel comfortable. I rarely need nitroglycerine.

I am absolutely convinced that EECP has greatly improved the quality of my life. Exercise, medications, a largely vegetarian diet, nutritional supplements, lots of water, and EDTA chelation therapy had helped to reduce my angina, but EECP has provided the largest reduction of pain with the greatest increase in exercise tolerance.

My employer has decided to pay me to exercise three hours per week on a three month trial basis. Life is good! I feel good!

— Glenn D. Zahn, Fairbanks, Alaska*

Without a Transplant, You Have Three Months to Live

In 2002, Al Campbell from Grover Beach, California, received some sobering news from his cardiologist: his congestive heart failure was so severe that unless he had a transplant, he had no more than three months to live. He had read about the success of my clinic in treating this devastating condition, and even though he could hardly walk 25 feet, he gathered up his medical records and came to see us.

He was started on a therapeutic diet, high doses of coenzyme Q10, and other supplements, and underwent a course of EECP. Al had a remarkable turnaround. Today, at age 78, he walks three miles a day and “feels like a million bucks,” much to the amazement of both Al and his cardiologist.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Chest Pain Went Away in Three Weeks

Six and a half years ago I developed rather severe chest pain and had an angiogram at a prestigious medical center. I was told I needed immediate bypass surgery, as two of my arteries were significantly blocked. I went to Dr. Whitaker who said we could try conservative therapy, including lifestyle change. It worked like a charm. I lost 30 pounds, started an exercise regimen which I have maintained and, in short, was probably the healthiest I’ve been in my life.

Eighteen months ago, however, the chest pain started coming back, likely due to my high stress lifestyle. I went on virtually a world-wide search for an option to surgery and found EECP. I discussed this with Dr. Whitaker, who enthusiastically encouraged me to pursue it.

Remarkably, in only three weeks the pain went away. I’m taking less medication, and I can now do my exercise routine without any pain at all.

I’m now convinced that Dr. Whitaker’s diet, nutritional supplement program, and EECP can eliminate the need of the overwhelming majority for bypass operations. It certainly did for me.

— B.D., California*

Chester Bypassed Bypass Surgery With EECP

Chester was in the intensive care unit being prepped for triple bypass surgery the next day. He was suffering with unstable angina so severe that merely walking 10 yards brought on chest pain, and blockages from 90 percent to 95 percent had been identified in four of his coronary arteries.

Chester had been a patient at the Whitaker Wellness Institute and was familiar with alternative therapies for heart disease. As his surgery drew near, he made a difficult decision. He checked out of the hospital against the advice of his cardiologists, who unanimously felt that he should have surgery, came to our office, and began a course of enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), a noninvasive mechanical therapy for the treatment of heart disease and other circulatory disorders.

After he completed the treatment course six weeks later, Chester felt better than he had in years. He went from barely being able to cross the street to walking 1-1/2 miles twice a day—without angina.

— from 
Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

Heart Failure: From Wheelchair to “Bouncing Off the Walls”

Bob is a veteran of cardiovascular disease. Heart attacks, strokes, seizures, hypertension, heart failure, nine hospitalizations—you name it, he’s been there, done that. Bob tried everything his doctors recommended, including an angioplasty and more drugs than he could keep track of, but he continued to go downhill. Debilitating fatigue caused by heart failure prevented him from walking up a flight of stairs without stopping halfway to catch his breath, let alone running his landscaping business.

So Bob and his wife Carol packed their bags and came to Whitaker Wellness. The trip was hard on Bob, who had to be pushed through the airport in a wheelchair. Like most of our patients, Bob underwent a number of treatments at the clinic, but he attributes the incredible turnaround in his symptoms to enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP).

Within days of beginning treatment, he was up and about, and by the second week, he was, as Carol put it, “bouncing off the walls.” His blood pressure fell from 156/101 to a normal 122/70. He lost 29 pounds (most of it fluid accumulation caused by a failing heart) and his ejection fraction, a marker of the heart’s pumping ability, went from 17 to 38. He left in great spirits, ready to get back to work.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD 

No More Angina—And No Bypass

That’s what happened to Felix, whose physician told him the only solution for the severe chest pain that was shooting into his arm was immediate coronary artery bypass surgery. Felix had a friend who had gone through the trauma of bypass and ended up with even more problems than he started with, and he wanted none of that. So he researched his options on the Internet, came to the clinic for a course of EECP, and within a week, his chest pain had vanished. He never did have that “urgent” operation.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

“I Got My Wife Back”

Elaine was frustrated and depressed. She could no longer take walks or ride her bike, and she even had to stop and rest while doing housework due to chest pain and shortness of breath. Yet, her doctors back home in Canada told her there was nothing they could do for her and that she’d need to be on a nitroglycerin patch and blood pressure medication for the rest of her life.

A longtime subscriber to my newsletter, Health & Healing, Elaine remembered reading about enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), a noninvasive therapy for cardiovascular disease we’ve been using at Whitaker Wellness for 15 years. She decided to call and make an appointment to come to the clinic for treatment.

After just one week, Elaine’s energy began to rebound and her breathlessness improved. By the end of her EECP course, she was able to resume her normal activities and discontinue her drugs. Elaine is thrilled with her remarkable recovery, and she isn’t alone. Her husband, who accompanied her to the clinic, said, “I got my wife back.”

—from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

No More Angina

Elaine and Frank Vanhevel traveled to Egypt in 2010. They enjoyed visiting Alexandria, exploring the pyramids of Giza, and floating down the Nile. Frank did anyway. Elaine’s most distinct memory of that trip was multiple angina attacks with such severe chest pain and shortness of breath that she had to see a doctor in Egypt.

Things didn’t get much better after they returned home to Canada. Elaine was on two blood pressure medications and daily nitroglycerin patches to prevent angina, plus nitro spray for acute episodes. But she was still having angina and shortness of breath. An angiogram had revealed no blockages, and her physician told her she would have to be on heart medications for the rest of her life.

So in January of last year, the Vanhevels, 10-year subscribers to Health & Healing, came to Whitaker Wellness. Elaine was immediately started on enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP), a proven therapy for patients who have angina despite taking medications, as well as for those with heart failure and other cardiovascular disorders. This noninvasive treatment promotes the development of collaterals, new avenues of blood vessels for improved circulation, and dramatically enhances arterial function.

Elaine had 35 EECP treatments at the clinic, and here’s what she has to say: “Before I came to the clinic, I couldn’t bike, hike, or do other activities I used to enjoy. I had to stop and rest while doing housework, and even grocery shopping could set off an angina attack. It was depressing and made it hard to have a positive attitude.

“Beginning the first week of treatment, my chest symptoms and shortness of breath became less and less frequent. I’m now off my nitro patch and my blood pressure medications, my energy level is way up, and I’m able to do all my normal activities. I have stepped up my exercise, and I continue to eat the ‘Whitaker way,’ which I learned at the clinic. I still get some pressure in my chest when I’m very tired, but I no longer have pain.

“Earlier this year, we went on a safari in South Africa, which required very long flights and lots of walking. There’s no way I could have made this trip before. I feel very lucky to have come to Whitaker Wellness. I got my life back.”

–from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD

 *Individual Results May Vary 

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