Whitaker Wellness Store

Welcome to the Whitaker Wellness Store. We carry an extensive range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and other nutritional supplements that the Whitaker Wellness physicians recommend for our patients at the clinic. Every item in our store has been extensively researched and handpicked by Dr. Whitaker for superior quality and efficacy.

We now sell Active H2! Reap the versatile health benefits of molecular hydrogen with this remarkable supplement, as discussed in Health & Healing. Click here to purchase

We also carry all of Dr. Whitaker’s books, including his best-selling Reversing Diabetes, Reversing Heart Diseaseand The Mini-Fast Diet,  along with numerous other publications. Finally, we are the sole source for CDs and DVDs of Dr. Whitaker’s lectures on a variety of health topics.

In addition, we offer home units of two of our most popular therapies at Whitaker Wellness: Infrared Light and Microcurrent. These devices enable patients to continue reaping the benefits of these remarkable therapies once they return home—and allows those who are unable to come to the clinic to receive treatment.

To learn more about our outstanding line of nutritional supplements, at-home therapies, books, CDs, and DVDs or to place an order, call (800) 810-6655.

One-Stop Shop for Wellness

Renowned physician, author, and speaker, Julian Whitaker, MD, opened the doors of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in 1979. Since then, our clinic has helped more than 45,000 patients overcome serious health challenges and get back on the road to healthy living. We’re proud to offer nearly two dozen safe, innovative, healing therapies under one roof—that’s more than any other facility in the northern hemisphere. Just think of us as your “one-stop shop for wellness.”

To learn more about all of the books, supplements, and other items we carry at the Whitaker Wellness Store, please call (800) 810-6655. To speak with someone about how treatment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute can help restore your health and vitality, click on the buttons below to schedule a complimentary consultation or contact us to learn more. You can also schedule your complimentary consultation or obtain more information by calling our Patient Services Representatives at (866) 944-8253.

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