The Mini-Fast Diet

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To lose weight in a hurry, there’s one simple secret: the mini-fast. Skip breakfast, lace up your sneakers, and exercise first thing in the morning. Since you haven’t eaten overnight, your body’s already burning fat at an accelerated rate. Add exercise to the mix, and you’ll continue to burn fat for an extra
 5 hours every day. Studies show that dieters who tried this method—called intermittent fasting—lost 20 to 100 pounds of fat fast!


This breakthrough program revs up fat-burning by extending the “mini-fast” you experience every night as you sleep to help you lose up to 30 pounds in 12 weeks, without counting calories.
Those myths about breakfast? Busted! Studies prove that breakfast is a significant contributor to our epidemic of obesity—and that you can turn delaying breakfast into a quick, healthy weight-loss program that really works.


The principle here is intermittent fasting and it works like this: Between your final meal of the evening and the time you get up the next morning (your natural, everyday “mini-fast”), your body has used up most of its fuel stores. Morning exercise rapidly burns off remaining stores, and your body
naturally turns to stored fat for the fuel it needs. So by delaying breakfast for a few hours—and exercising first thing in the morning—ketosis kicks into high gear and powers up the body for fast weight loss.


The Mini-Fast Diet contains easy eating plans, delicious recipes, exercise guidelines, and options for “night owls” and busy people who can’t fit in exercise in the mornings. This book provides everything you need
to get started on what Julian Whitaker, MD, founder of the largest alternative medicine clinic in the country, has found to be the easiest, most effective weight-loss program he’s seen in 35 years of practicing medicine.


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