Dr. Whitaker’s Master Guide to Nutritional Supplementaion


Dr. Whitaker’s three-part Master Guide to Nutritional Supplementation is an excellent resource on the use, safety, and efficacy of nutritional supplements…



Dr. Whitaker’s three-part Master Guide to Nutritional Supplementation is an excellent resource on the use, safety, and efficacy of nutritional supplements.

In Part I, Dr. Whitaker provides extensive background on our nutrient-deficient food supply and the economic and health perils of conventional medicine. He discusses supplement safety, potential nutrient-drug interactions, and tips on how to evaluate supplement quality and value.

Part II outlines the key vitamins and minerals that should be part of every health-conscious person’s daily regimen. What should you look for in a daily multinutrient? How much is too much of any given vitamin?  Why are the government RDAs tragically out-of-date and essentially useless in enhancing your health? Get all these answers and more so you can make the right decisions about your basic daily nutrient needs.

Part II provides specific supplement recommendations for a wide range of common health challenges—80 in all—complete with precise forms and dosages as well as supporting scientific research. From fatigue to diabetes, memory loss to migraines, this book details the safest, most effective natural therapies. Learn everything you need to know to safely reverse disease, end pain, reclaim extraordinary energy, and live a remarkably vibrant, healthy life—without drugs.

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