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The Truth About Cleanses and Detox Diets

Cleansing and detoxing are all the rage. You can have fresh, organic juice cleanses delivered to your door, pick up a detox kit at your local health food store, or follow one of the many do-it-yourself programs endorsed by celebrities


What Works for Insomnia?

You go to bed at your usual time, read until you’re sleepy, and turn off the lights. Then it starts. You lie there, looking at the clock periodically, willing yourself to sleep, and thinking about how tired you’re going

Lipoic Acid

Miraculous Alpha Lipoic Acid

The term “miracle drug” has been loosely applied to everything from aspirin and penicillin to statins and “breakthrough” cancer meds. But I want to tell you about a nutritional supplement that truly is miraculous: alpha lipoic acid (also called lipoic

Why You Need Green Superfoods

Green superfoods have become quite popular in recent years. And for good reason. These unique concentrates are chock full of a variety of nutrients that nourish and protect your entire body. Most green superfoods contain the juices of highly nutritious

Do You Really Need Antibiotics?

Cold and flu season is here and people are looking for ways to alleviate symptoms and get well faster. Many of them are asking their docs for antibiotics—despite the fact that only one in 10 sore throats is caused by

Fight Fatigue With B12

Dog tired, bone weary, worn out, bushed, just plain pooped—there are as many ways of describing fatigue as there are causes. Fatigue is the number one complaint that brings patients to doctors’ offices, and it’s one of the most difficult

Snorers Beware!

Do you snore? How about feeling tired in the morning or drowsy during the day? If you do, you may have sleep apnea, and you’d better a handle on it because this very common condition can destroy your health.

Low Thyroid Getting You Down?

Are you tired and sluggish? Is your weight a constant struggle? Do you have problems with dry skin, cold hands and feet, depression, or constipation? Then you may well have hypothyroidism. Low thyroid function affects one in 10 Americans and