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The Mini-Fast With Exercise: A REAL Weight Loss Solution

If real, permanent weight loss is your number one goal this year, I have the solution for you.

It’s the mini-fast with exercise program and I’ve been using it at the Whitaker Wellness Institute and recommending it to my Health & Healing subscribers for more than five years now. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s one of the only long-term weight loss programs out there that can be continued indefinitely to achieve a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance.

Mini-Fast With Exercise: A Short Overview

Here’s how the mini-fast program works:

1) Get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee or tea sweetened with a natural sweetener such as xylitol or stevia and/or a little low-calorie creamer if desired. (If you don’t drink coffee or tea, drink a glass of water instead.)

2) Do some moderately intense exercise. Aim for 20-45 minutes of aerobic activity such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. Just don’t overdo it.

3) “Fast” until noon. Don’t eat breakfast—or anything else—until lunchtime. You may have water, coffee, or tea during this time.

4) Break your fast at lunch and eat plenty of protein and low-glycemic vegetables and fruits throughout the rest of the day. You don’t have to count calories or measure portions but don’t go hog wild. Just eat sensibly. Note: Try not to eat dinner too late and avoid that “midnight snack.” You want your body to take advantage of the 8-10 hours of natural fasting that occurs post-dinner and during sleep, as well as the following morning.

That’s it. Skipping one meal per day is an excellent way to cut calories and kick start real, sustained weight loss. But the real benefit comes from exercising during your mini-fast. This allows your body to burn stored fat instead of utilizing the carbohydrates you just ate for breakfast. Furthermore, sustaining your fast for a few hours after exercising will allow this fat-burning process to continue until you eat again. And though you may have to try it to believe it, you won’t be hungry during this time.

The Mini-Fast With Exercise in Action

A couple of years ago, I decided to put the mini-fast with exercise program to the test. I issued the “Diabesity Challenge,” a 12-week trial where participants took “before” weight and body measurements and underwent optional lab work (fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.). They then participated in the mini-fast with exercise for three months and took their “after” measurements and retested lab numbers and submitted them.

The results were astounding. The average weight loss was 14.1 pounds. The grand prize winner shed 30 pounds, lost five inches off his waist, and achieved significant improvements in his lab work. One participant had an impressive 99-point drop in cholesterol (from 221 to 122), and another clinched the “improvements in blood sugar” category when her glucose level fell from 356 to 200!

Mini-Fast for a Lifetime of Good Health

These are incredible accomplishments, but they’re only the beginning. The mini-fast with exercise is a lifestyle program rather than a “diet” that has a start, middle, and end—where you inevitably gain the weight back a few months after you lose it. Instead, it’s a health-enhancing, disease-eradicating, weight-controlling program that could—and should—be adopted for a lifetime.

Just imagine what great shape you’d be in if you followed this program for a year. With an average monthly weight loss of 4.5 pounds, you could drop up to 54 pounds! Why not give the mini-fast with exercise a real shot in 2015?

More Mini-Fast Success Stories

Still not convinced that the mini-fast with exercise protocol can result in real, lasting weight loss? Check out these real-life Whitaker Wellness patient success stories!

 I Have No Doubt I Will Reach My Weight Loss Goal

“I started on the mini-fast with exercise that you recommended (only a cup of coffee instead of breakfast and no food until lunch). When I began, my weight was 265. Now, less than three months later, my weight is 248—a drop of 17 pounds—and I am keeping it off without a struggle, just with a commitment to follow this simple regimen. My appetite is reduced, I rarely even want anything before lunch, and I eat less for lunch and dinner as well. I have no doubt I will reach my weight loss goal within several months. Thank you for showing me the way to manage my metabolic syndrome.” — H.N., Atlanta, GA

Mini-Fast = Terrific Results!

“I’ve tried your ‘mini-fast’ program for almost seven months now with terrific results! I’ve reduced my weight from 210 to 196, mostly around the middle, and agree that it has been easily implemented, simple, logical, and inexpensive. I have always had a regular physical routine and eaten a well-balanced diet so the only difference was eliminating breakfast.” — Harry W.

Clinical Results of the Mini-Fast With Exercise Program

Brian lost 31 pounds in eight weeks and is still going strong 16 weeks later. T.W. went from a size 16 to a size 12 in three months. Her clothes no longer fit, but she’s reluctant to buy new ones because she has no doubt she will lose more as she continues with the program. Jack, who was 80 pounds over his “fighting weight,” lost 29 pounds and nearly five inches off his waist. His wife shed 10 pounds, and her blood pressure fell into the normal range. Susan said goodbye to nine of the final 10 pounds she hadn’t been able to shake and reports she’s finally gotten rid of her “belly.” And J.G. not only lost significant weight, but his hemoglobin A1C, a marker of blood sugar control, declined. — from my Health & Healing newsletter

In Summary
For complete details on the mini-fast with exercise protocol, read my book The Mini-Fast Diet, available in bookstores, online, or by calling (866) 645-2064.


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