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Say So Long to Sciatica

Cynthia complained of pain in her lower back and tingling in her left foot after sitting at her computer all day. Jim experienced inexplicable sharp, sudden electrical sensations in his left calf. Debbi developed chronic aching in her back and

Delectable—and Protective—Marinades

We still have roughly a month of summer left and for many people that means more time for outdoor grilling. But if you’re a fan of barbecuing you need to beware that—if you’re not careful—this summertime ritual could increase your

L-Carnitine for Healthy Aging

Carnitine and I go way back—I wrote about it in the very first issue of Health & Healing in August 1991. Back then all we really knew about this supplement was that it improved angina, heart function, and exercise tolerance

Whitaker Wellness Success: Back to Health

“I Can’t Believe It’s You. You Look So Good.”

My husband was ill, and I was taking care of him, and not taking care of myself at all. One night, he told me, “You need to take care of yourself.

Top Three Mistakes in Diabetes Treatment

The American Heart Association’s “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics—2014 Update” contained some good news and some bad news. The good news was that over the past 25 years, the death rates from heart disease and stroke declined by 30 and

Sugar-Free Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Since the dawn of time, humans have been indulging in sweets—from the fruits and berries gathered by our cave-dwelling ancestors to the sugar-laden treats that take up multiple aisles in today’s supermarkets. The desire for something sweet is innate. It

Avoid These Unnecessary Surgeries

Unlike drugs, surgical procedures require no proof of safety or efficacy. They’re adopted simply on the assumption that they work. Of course, some of the 75 million operations performed in this country every year are necessary, even lifesaving. But increasing