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Natural Solutions for Sleep

It’s normal to experience sleep problems every now and again. Work-related stress, a busy day or week ahead, or concerns about the well-being of friends and family can make for the occasional restless night. But in today’s questionable economic climate, …

Seeing Past Cataracts

Cataracts Quiz

What are the most effective supplements in treating cataracts?
1)       Vitamin C
2)       Vitamin E
3)       Beta carotene
4)       All of the above
The answer is 4: All of the above.

It’s easy to take your eyes for …

Lifestyle Changes for

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and I’d like those who are resolving to exercise and lose weight to please raise your hand. Well, that’s about 80 percent. Now, how many of you did the same thing last year? Another …