Prolotherapy NOT Surgery for Pain Relief

I want to tell you about a nonsurgical treatment for the permanent relief of joint and disc problems. Prolotherapy (the Latin word for “growth therapy,” also known as sclerotherapy and reconstructive therapy) has been around since the 1920s. It is unique in that it relieves pain by stabilizing the structures that support the joints and vertebrae, realigning them, and thus decreasing stress and pain.

Here is How it Works. Prolo targets the ligaments, the bands of connective tissue that hold the joints and vertebrae in proper position. When these ligaments are weak or lax, the affected joint or area of the spine becomes misaligned, triggering muscle spasms, compression and irritation of nerves, and pressure on the cartilage that may lead to degeneration. During a typical prolotherapy session, dextrose or another slightly irritating solution is injected into the weakened ligaments, initiating a healing response that repairs and strengthens them. Once these supporting structures are strong and taut, symptoms disappear—not for weeks but for years.

Prolotherapy is remarkably effective. Studies suggest it relieves pain in more than 80 percent of patients with chronic pain, even in those who have been unsuccessful with other types of treatment.

You Can Have Permanent Pain Relief with Prolotherapy. Joe had tried every therapy imaginable for his unrelenting lower back pain, including over-the-counter drugs and months of chiropractic treatments, with minimal results. He saw an orthopedic surgeon who ordered X-rays and an MRI, and gave him steroid injections that provided some relief, but the pain quickly returned. Then he learned about prolotherapy and figured it was worth a try. Results were remarkable and enduring. Two years after treatment, Joe is more active than ever, hiking and trekking—without pain.

There are some aches and pains that just don’t respond to standard therapies. That’s when you’re usually sent to a specialist who tells you your only option is surgery. Now you know it isn’t!

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