Say No to Surgery, Say Yes to Health

When I tell people about the successes we have at the Whitaker Wellness Institute using natural therapies and nutritional supplements to treat disease, sometimes they are hesitant to believe me. That’s why patient testimonials are so important to what we do. Skepticism can often be overturned by real stories from real people. One of these testimonials comes from Bob. Here’s what he had to say:

“Back in 1989, I went to Scripps Hospital in San Diego, had a treadmill stress test and an angiogram, and was told they would need to do a bypass operation in the morning. I was feeling pretty good so I declined the surgery, got out of that place, and never went back. I started looking into my options and who did I find but Dr. Julian Whitaker.

“After a hands-on examination, he said he thought he could fix me up. He gave me a list of supplements to take, told me to exercise 30 minutes every day, and prescribed chelation therapy. I’ve had a relationship with Dr. Whitaker now for 20 years. I still take the supplements he suggests and exercise regularly. And to think, those folks down at Scripps gave me 30 days to live without the bypass operation!

“I’ve been working steadily in the title business without missing hardly a day of work for 55 years—and I plan to keep on working for another 20 years. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Dr. Whitaker I wouldn’t be here today.” — Bob Duff, Whitaker Wellness patient

As remarkable as Bob’s story is, he’s actually the rule rather than the exception. Instead of operations and side-effect-riddled drugs, we offer our patients innovative therapies and targeted nutrients. And you know what? They respond better, regain their health, and are better off with this noninvasive approach.

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