Can a Daily Walk Stave Off Prostate Cancer?

Gentlemen, if you are still looking for motivation to get out and get active, here it is: Recent research suggests that even moderate exercise can reduce your risk of prostate cancer. 

Scientists from Duke University Medical Center recently examined the results of nearly 200 men who had undergone needle biopsies and found that those who engaged in moderate exercise—defined as three-plus hours of brisk walking per week—were 66 percent less likely to have prostate cancer than their sedentary peers. Furthermore, in the group of men whose biopsies tested positive for cancer, those who reported exercising for at least an hour a week had less aggressive, slower-growing types of the disease. Findings were published online in the Journal of Urology.

It isn’t surprising that exercise was linked with a lower risk of prostate cancer. After all, regular physical activity is associated with a number of health benefits. What’s interesting here is that exercise conferred a lower risk of prostate cancer even when variables such as age, weight, and other medical conditions were factored in.

Folks, the takeaway here is that you’ve got to get out and get active. Grab an exercise partner and find an activity you enjoy, whether it be walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, or whatever. I’ve heard all the excuses—even been guilty of making them myself form time to time—but the proof is in the pudding: Regular exercise is a must if you value your health.

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